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  1. Hello everyone, Not long ago I bough security cameras, I did everything that the manual was saying connected them to an application and when I tried log in from a PC with an IP address I can only see a blank HTML file with nothing on in ( by nothing I mean no log in form). In this topic I will also include the screenshots that i got from the IP address website. If someone knows a solution I will be very thankful.
  2. Hello everyone, So i recently bought a camera package from amazon and everything is working good, but i stepped on a problem while trying to connect the cameras to look from another pc on the same network. When i try to put the IP address that's from my cctv receiver it pops out something like Index of /mnt/web/. The cameras are called Lylu and the recorder just has the name Digital Video Recorder with a model name. Does anyone have a solution on how to fix this, if you need more info pls dm me so i can send it to you. Thanks and have a great day