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Found 5 results

  1. Help DS-2CD1327G0-L, I had V5.7.2 build 211230 firmware , and I changed it with the new V5.7.12 build 220819 I downloaded it from the global hikvision, I knew that I'm making a mistake because firmware's from global hik are always bad. Now I have many problems. Camera is now unstable, it will lose connections to nvr. Also, now if I enable motion event, I will have cyclic 1-minute breaks in continuous recording, also live view outside of direct camera web-gui is unstable and often will be lost. Also if I don't enable "Dynamic Analysis for Motion" I will not have motion markers on the recording. Enabling "Dynamic Analysis for Motion" will make the camera highly unstable. Thanks god, I changed firmware just on one camera. The question is could I revert back to the old firmware, or can I find out some which works? My NVR is DS-7608NI-E1 / A, and I also made a mistake changing the firmware to the latest global V3.4.106 build 191009, also now NVR is unstable; if I use fluent on 5 cameras in NVR live view, it will cause it to freeze and stop recording. Reverting cameras to balanced will make NVR more stable. I can't believe this.
  2. Hello everyone, So i recently bought a camera package from amazon and everything is working good, but i stepped on a problem while trying to connect the cameras to look from another pc on the same network. When i try to put the IP address that's from my cctv receiver it pops out something like Index of /mnt/web/. The cameras are called Lylu and the recorder just has the name Digital Video Recorder with a model name. Does anyone have a solution on how to fix this, if you need more info pls dm me so i can send it to you. Thanks and have a great day
  3. Good day, I require assistance, Since after updating to the latest firmware on Xmeye mobile app. My NVR has been rebooting randomly and before then the CCTV will freeze for a few minutes then restart and goes back to normal. This can happen anytime of the day/week and I tried looking into every setting and still does not work. Please see attachment for device version and software version. I would like to revert back to the previous version. However I am not sure what the previous version is as I am unable to see it
  4. Dear good, I am new to the forum, I have several Hikvision DVRs managing with the IVMS 4200, all analogs are mostly DS-7216HGHI, I have several problems with motion recordings. I have seen that I have recordings where there is nobody (There is no movement) but I have the recordings, with which when looking for an event it becomes impossible, all the cameras are by motion detection, I have lowered the sensitivity but it follows me recording. I need to know how I can see what is recording the sector that detects movement in the camera. The cameras that I use are the DS-2CE16DOT-IRF. I have seen that some is activated a box where the movement is (attached photo)
  5. Hello everyone! I'm new in here and I hope you guys can help me out. Long story short: I already set my PTZ camera to patrol around and it wan't hard doing it, but now I have problem with people who throw garbage around my work. Especially from 7 to 9. and I was trying to make PTZ watch the exact place from 7 to 9, and after 9 or 10 to continue patroling around. Can anyone help me with that? I'll be so thankful with any advice!!