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  1. I'm searching for access control system which is using remotes or hard to duplicate rfid. The main thing is that remotes are hard to duplicate same goes for rfids, it needs to be very hard or impossible to duplicate. I had some offers for rfids that use some property frequencies plus they use infrared with some encrypted keys. Also remotes have some triple floating frequencies which are hard to duplicate. Also I would need to have network access to log server on the access control, and ability to upload and disable users. This system should open and close motorized wing gates and should be able to connect proximity senors for vehicles and humans. Do you know for some affordable systems with the features that I need?
  2. Help DS-2CD1327G0-L, I had V5.7.2 build 211230 firmware , and I changed it with the new V5.7.12 build 220819 I downloaded it from the global hikvision, I knew that I'm making a mistake because firmware's from global hik are always bad. Now I have many problems. Camera is now unstable, it will lose connections to nvr. Also, now if I enable motion event, I will have cyclic 1-minute breaks in continuous recording, also live view outside of direct camera web-gui is unstable and often will be lost. Also if I don't enable "Dynamic Analysis for Motion" I will not have motion markers on the recording. Enabling "Dynamic Analysis for Motion" will make the camera highly unstable. Thanks god, I changed firmware just on one camera. The question is could I revert back to the old firmware, or can I find out some which works? My NVR is DS-7608NI-E1 / A, and I also made a mistake changing the firmware to the latest global V3.4.106 build 191009, also now NVR is unstable; if I use fluent on 5 cameras in NVR live view, it will cause it to freeze and stop recording. Reverting cameras to balanced will make NVR more stable. I can't believe this.