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  1. There is an update posted here if anyone is interested.
  2. Wow I never knew I had replies. I have it set to notify me but I never got any notifications. Regarding my neighbor... He put us through hell but good for almost ten years and then he died. I felt bad of course, even after all the rotten things he did to us. He was one of the most miserable people I have ever had the misfortune of knowing. I believe he was a sociopath and I don't say that lightly. After the birdhouse cam, we built a large trellis and covered it with plants and even put a planter box on top, just for extra measure. The birdhouse cam came down several weeks later. Not to worry though, he was always building a better mousetrap. He would spend days on end in his garage/evil laboratory coming up with new ways to eff with us. He even went so far as to install two mirrors on the privacy fence by his patio so he could stand there and see into my yard. I am talking two huge rectangular mirrors from a bedroom dresser. I kid you not. I think one of his buddies shamed him into taking them down. It was absolutely ridiculous and quite obvious what he was doing. After that he resorted to putting one of those tracking cameras directly on the back of his garage aiming into my yard. Anything would set it off too, rats, possums, raccoons, shadows from trees, blowing leaves, the sun, etc. Once he came home from my guess is the liquor store at night and it was triggered and he actually came staggering back there with a gun. Yes, apparently he thought shooting us was a good idea. He landed in the mental hospital shortly after that. I don't miss him at all but when I think about it all, it's quite sad. What a waste of a life. I don't know that I will ever get over the invasion of my privacy for those 10 years. It really messes with your head. This is what he installed on the back of the garage. He was obsessed with us and he was insane. They make one now with wifi. Thank God that wasn't widely available back then. Oh I forgot to mention the drone... yes he tried to use a spy drone on us too. https://www.bigeasysecurity.com/collections/motion-sensing-security-lights/products/nightwatcher-robotic-security-light-with-camera?
  3. I've seen the stills - it's pretty obvious. It may be a "pinhole" TYPE of camera, but the install sure isn't. And yeah, it's a pretty freakin' gaudy birdhouse - thing could house an entire aerie of bald eagles, I'm sayin' it's bloody HUGE. Ok I have to LOL at your description of the situation. Thanks for that, I needed it.
  4. Because it's as plain as day in a pair of binoculars which I use for astronomy and bird watching or in a digital SLR camera zoomed in. He opened the back of it several times and I looked from my back door. Maybe your neighbour is retaliating against you for looking at him and his property with your binoculars? This sounds like the classic "who threw the first stone" and that has already been forgotten about by all the escalation. One thing I've learned about neighbour disputes, while they are very funny and childish with a lot of entertainment value I prefer them to stay up the street and not spill on my property. My suggestion is to work it out like adults and get over it. I'm so glad I have wonderful neighbours. He never saw me using the binoculars, I stood inside my house, 3 feet from the back door and I never used those before he started his crap anyway. I'm telling you there is no reasoning with this idiot. I'm a very reasonable and peace loving person, he is a boil on the ass of humanity. The bottom line is he didn't like the way our yard looked and it escalated from there. He moved in a few years ago and thinks he owns the world, especially my property. He didn't like being told to stay out of our yard. We're talking about a man who would spend hours and hours squatting and looking into my yard and then back at his because he imagined my yard was higher than his and was flooding his precious garden he tried to grow back there. I even saw him out there with a laser level measuring the differences in height. Now how the hell is someone supposed to reason with a psycho like that?! He would go outside at night with a flashlight (we're talking 2 or 3 am) and spend hours back there pulling weeds etc. I can't tell you how many times I got the crap scared out of me because I saw a bright light flailing about behind his garage when I went into my kitchen at night. Usually anybody outside with a flashlight at night means it's the police and they are looking for a fugitive. (what he was really doing was waiting until we went to bed and then climbing the fence over into our yard.) We did what we had to do and that was to shut him out and he's not liking it. I could take him to court and I definitely would win but that's a lot of money and time and this piece of crap has cost me enough $ as it is. I talked extensively with an attorney over this and he is the one who instructed us how to put up that privacy fence. It was done for the sole purpose of having a reasonable expectation to privacy because my side fences are already enclosed and have been for years. My attorney has years of experience with this type of thing and he said this guy is nuts. Trust me, it's not us, it's him. As for entertainment value it's not coming from us. We have said not one word to anybody around here about any of this. I believe these people will see him for the jerk that he is on their own and if they by chance decide to believe the lies and gossip then what does that say about their character anyway. If they enjoy that type of person then they deserve each other IMO.
  5. Thanks Soundy, I sent u a pm also.
  6. Rory I sent you a pm but it's sitting in my outbox and I don't know how to make it go. Does it go on it's own?
  7. Because it's as plain as day in a pair of binoculars which I use for astronomy and bird watching or in a digital SLR camera zoomed in. He opened the back of it several times and I looked from my back door.
  8. Confront him about these cameras? No, it would be futile. We've had go rounds with him before and it's pointless. All it resulted in was him smearing me to the entire neighborhood and since I've kept to myself most of these years they believe all the crap he's said about us. Oh well, c'est la vie. Someday they'll be his victims too, if they ever decide to cross him and I'll just pull up a lawnchair and enjoy the show. I have already researched the camera finders and I can get one for the low low price of $400.00 and then another $100 for the 5.8 ghz band that the other one doesn't cover. And that's a great price and yes I would do it in a heartbeat but my husband said no. He would like to retire someday soon and he's sick of throwing money away on the turd from hell. It has cost us close to 3k so far between the fence, and the mediocre DVR and cameras I had to get when he was tresspassing and vandalizing in the middle of the night. Where does it all end??? When I run out of money?
  9. Thank you 3RDIGLBL for your reply. I had already thought that he may read here but I took that risk anyway. I don't know that he spends much time on the computer. Usually he was almost always outside tinkering around and staring into my yard and bring people on tours of my yard whenever he had a visitor. After we put the fence up he's hardly ever outside. Funny how he lost interest in being behind his garage when there was no longer a view into my yard. We used to have a very large tree in the back part of the yard but had it cut down a long time ago. It had grown into the sewer and we were constantly having to have the plumber snake it out, plus it got into the electric wires back there. I hadn't thought of trees, I guess I was looking for an instant fix and it never occured to me. Rory I dont know how to post pictures plus I am hesitant to do that just in case Mr. Moron does read here. There would be no mistaking this monstrosity he built for any other birdhouse and he would know instantly. If you pm me an email address I could try to send you a picture.
  10. Some of you may remember me from this past May. I posted about a neighbor filming into my yard. Well he kept filming until we finally got our privacy fence up and covered all the spaces between the boards as per our lawyer's instructions. He also told me to put something at the bottom to keep him from trying to look under which my husband refused to do (esthetics I think). Sure enough, on several occasions I have seen this freak on his hands and knees looking under my privacy fence. Needless to say I will be putting something along the entire bottom of the fence in the very near future. I don't know why this idiot is so obsessed with us. We've lived here 25 years and never had incident with any other neighbors. We're quiet, mind our own business and keep to ourselves. Ok now for the best part. As of the past several weeks the neighor from hell has put up a birdhouse near his house and has two hidden wireless pinhole cameras installed in it. I am 100% positive about the wireless pinhole cameras. They look like something you'd pick up on ebay for real cheap and this guy is a super tight wad so I doubt he spent much money on them. I've tried to intercept the broadcast so I can prove he is filming over here but so far haven't been successful. (I don't know what frequency he's on. I have an 8 channel 2.4 ghz receiver but can't get a signal from him) He did run four seperate metal wires from the birdhouse area/fence he has it mounted to and then over to various parts of the yard attached to either the garage or house We think he's trying to make EMF so he can disrupt the signal from getting out. Ok so what do I do? The location of the camera has a bird's eye view (literally) into my back door and kitchen window and also my gate which means I can't ever get into my own back yard without that idiot knowing. I wanted to build something to stick on top of the fence about 2 feet high but city regulations say fence can only be 6 feet in height and Mr. Moron has the city on speed dial. This means that we will have to build something else and have it be away from the fence and it has to cover at least a 16 foot span. We went to great lengths and expense to ensure we have a "reasonable expectation to privacy" and I'm fed up with this arsehole invading said privacy. Not to mention how badly we were harassed during the fence process. He tried everything imaginable to stop us from putting it up. I need some serious suggestions guys. Is it laser time and if so how does one go about doing that? Are there any other types of light I could use and are they effective during the day etc? I am ready to lose it over here, this man has pushed me to the brink. I am home most of the time and am partially disabled and have literally become a prisoner in my own home because of him. Now I am forced to either keep my blinds and door closed 365 or stay out of the kitchen and possibly the bathroom if he decides to try and turn those other cameras back over here. Help!!! p.s. Whatever I put up to block him I have to look at as well so we're having a hard time deciding what to even try in that department. (most likely it's not going to be pretty)
  11. SaturnR

    ICR100x or full size ptz?

    Hi, I'm in need of a ptz camera and preferrably a mini. I could do a full size one but I think the neighbors might get up in arms about it so I was hoping to use something less conspicuous. I need good zoom capabilities and wonder is a 10x optical good enough? I need facial identity at 100 feet in daylight conditions. I would like to keep it around $1000 if possible. I live in the Great Lakes States and it gets very cold here in the winter. Any suggestions?
  12. You're right I don't like the guy and I am prepared to do what it takes(legally) to make him leave us alone. I can assure you my issues are very much about privacy. I don't care that he talks about us, he's an ass and if people choose to believe the lies then that's their problem. He'll be lying about them in the future when they don't bow down and kiss his behind, it goes with the territory. To date we have never set foot on his property nor dicked around with his cameras in anyway or anything else he owns for that matter. He can't say the same. You say "legally placed" would you clarify that please? Does that mean I can erect a pole at my fence line and place a camera on it filming into his yard and home when it has nothing to do with my home security? Is that legally placed? Thanks for your feedback. This is why I posted here, I wanted more than one perspective before we make any final decisions and/or take action.
  13. Yes if it comes down to it, that is the type of effect I am looking for, without damaging his camera of course.
  14. Yes I agree, cameras need upgrading. I don't have an attic vent on that side, I have a hip roof and no overhang back there.
  15. We had this exact same problem with him last June. At that time I did tell him to turn it around since I felt it was way too invasive into my yard. He did turn it around but he left the one that goes 20' across the corner. I heard him telling someone "you see this, my neighbor doesn't like it" as he was pointing to the camera. He likes to bring all visitors on a tour of my yard, standing at the fence line and pointing directly at each thing he doesn't like over here. The man is a royal pain in the arse. I mean really, who does crap like that?