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  1. lengfeng203

    LCD monitor parts issue

    Try to source some power adapter seller, and choose one with DC 12V output and enough amp
  2. lengfeng203

    Splitter for using multiple monitors

    1.If you are using BNC, most BNC Monitors has loopout function, 2.If you are using VGA, then have to add a VGA amplifier with split function. bruce
  3. lengfeng203

    Flush mount monitor idea

    Most video frams dont have video input, a vehicle monitor with mounting options may be a good choise, about the mounting kits, many cute,hiden kits in the market. good luck!!
  4. We prefer the kind with IDC connectors on the balun, rather than having to install RJ45 connectors. That's very true. The other side of that coin is that CRT monitors are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain; in large part because most manufacturers have discountinued production of the CRTs. We were going to buy some Samsung SMC-213 monitors this year but they were discontinued and the replacement (SMC-215) is 3.6 inches taller. They wouldn't fit in our racks. We wound up buying Orion 19RTC LCDs. They had pretty much the best LCD picture with analog inputs. On a side note: I really don't understand why manufacturers can't or won't make an interlaced LCD monitor. AFAIK, it is technically possible to interlace flat panel displays. Oh, well. In the future, all sources will probably become progressive scan and interlacing/de-interlacing will become unnecessary. I'm a manufacture of monitors,so,i can say something here. 1. 5 years ago all this is true, the lcd display effect is so bad,cant compare with the CRTs, But in recent years,lcd display tech developed so fast,especially after the LED Backlight tech is in use,actually,high-end lcd display products are not worse than the CRTs now, the display effect depends on what level of lcd are you chosing. 2. in the past,the CRT Tubes are mainly for TV use, nowadays,little people are buying CRT TVs,after loosing this part of market to LCD, most CRT Tube manufacture cant stand any more, most of them turn to LCD or bankrupted. So,most of manufactures of monitors has to turn to lcd.
  5. lengfeng203

    Advertiserment on CCTV Forum

    Not sure,better to contact cctv forum directly!!
  6. lengfeng203

    Thinnest monitors?

    We have 20" monitors at 45mm in thinner,it's a metal housing with protection glass monitor.. but not sure whether we can help you.. As we are a monitor manufacture in china, contact me if you have interests.
  7. lengfeng203

    cctv problem help please

    there must be some problems with the cable or the connector,which may lead to lose of signal or disturb to the video signal.
  8. lengfeng203

    Nightmare Customer

    you did a big favor to your friend this time,he will do more back to you next time,i think that's the meaning of friends..
  9. lengfeng203

    cctv monitors

    hi dear, Thanks for your kind reply.I will be always here on this forum,i'm looking forward to learn more about security products now. Regards, Bruce
  10. lengfeng203

    Monitors CRT vs LCD

    it was once pointed out in a text on discussion of this question that LCD monitor, compared with CRT, still existed shortcomings in certain specification fields, such as brightness, contrast, visual angle, response time, lifespan and production, which had limited its promotion. But as the fast development of LCD technology, it was believed that it will develop fast and take up more and more markets of monitor. It was also estimated that the CRT will replaced by LCD in the coming three or five years or even be eliminated in some market totally. While today, as the great development of advanced technology in color, brightness, contrast, visual angle (nearly 180°)and the response time which can let eyes of people be adaptable totally, LCD has tried its best to eliminate its shortcomings. Moreover, with its advantages in thin design, environmental friendly, and energy-saved, it is very possible that the CRT will be replaced by LCD in the near future. In European countries, due to the components with lead in CRT, which is contradictory with the ROHS principle, so the CRT has been regarded as a exception temporarily. But with forbidden one day in the future in some countries or regions..
  11. lengfeng203

    cctv monitors

    i appology if i really mislead somebody,but that's not my original idea. thanks for so many friends reply to my post,but technology talk only,stop any kind of assault and battery,i wish.. sorry for my poor english!
  12. lengfeng203

    cctv monitors

    now,i'm the target...that's not my original idea. i can see little topics on this forum regarding monitors,i just want to make some post to ask some friends talk their ideas on the monitors,. John,For your question,i have never say our monitors are better than daveoo,sony,hi-sharp,but also don't worse than them.. what do you know about lcd display technology? what's the most important for a lcd monitor? first,Lcd panel is the key parts of the monitor,it usually occupancy 70% of the total cost,the panel deside the quality by 70%,only few companies can produce the lcd panel in this world,it's SAMSUNG,LG,HITACHI,SHARP,TOSHIBA,AUO,CHIMEI,HANSTAR companies like john said,daveoo,sony,hi-sharp all purchased panel from them just like us. The sendond important part is the chipset,the best chipset is from genesis,mstar and trident, we are using chipset from genesis and mstar,the best ones.. i can tell,some taiwan security company are purchasing from us,not from hi-sharp, do you think why? and for the company you mentioned Jinson whose monitor you think is good,it's just a trading company in shenzhen,they are not real manufacture...you can investigate it yourself.......... somebody else are saying i will change another name on this forum,i can tell you nooooooo... why should i?? Have a nice day! everybody... Welcome any comment and question. Bruce
  13. lengfeng203

    cctv monitors

    Hi John, Thanks for sharing your opinion.crt monitors is been replaced by lcds,though it can display a more clear picture than lcds,We are specialized manufacture of cctv lcd monitor,and i'm a specialist in lcd displays,i would be very glad to share my opinion with you regarding the monitors, Regards Bruce I prefer to use CRT monitors if space is not a problem but if it is I use the LCD's. Most customers if they see a CRT then the LCD monitor they will make room to use a CRT. I think the image is just that much clearer. Thanks, John
  14. lengfeng203

    cctv monitors

    which kind of cctv monitor do you use? lcd or crt? where can i buy quality monitors in uk?any advise is welcom