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  1. Anyone on here have a GeoVision PPTZ7300 speed dome installed? We have one that is generating a high frequency sound when the fan is running. This sound cannot be heard by everyone but it is absolutely driving the people that can hear it crazy. When we made a recording on our phone everyone can hear the sound on the video. GeoVision tech support is saying the sound is normal. They are supposedly working to see if they can make any software adjustments to rectify the issue. However, they have been unable to tell us if another PPTZ7300 camera truly makes the same noise or not. Let me know if you have one installed and if it is generating a high frequency sound when the fan is running. Thanks
  2. mclosely

    Fraudulent credit card charges

    I wanted to provide an update. After continued issues we instituted a separate cc to only be used for orders with Unix CCTV. Since that time we have had to cancel the card twice due to fraudulent charges that happened within days of the Unix order. The card is only used for Unix orders and nothing else. In the meantime we have had zero issues with our other card that is used for all other orders. Seems to be way more than a coincidence now.
  3. I just wanted to reach out and see if anyone was experiencing the same issue that we are having. Within the last 6-7 months we have had to replace our company credit card three times due to fraudulent charges that were attempted on our card. After review, a trend was noticed that the fraudulent charges appeared a short time after large purchase were made from Unix CCTV. At first we thought this no more than coincidence. However, we recently reached out to a couple of other companies that we know who also utilize Unix. They have experienced the exact same issue. It is starting to no longer look like a coincidence. I am just curious if anyone else has noticed the same trend. Thanks
  4. mclosely

    Anyone using the Geo AS200?

    Thanks for passing that along. Let us know if they come up with a solution.
  5. mclosely

    Anyone using the Geo AS200?

    What type of problem are you having with the ASRemote? Just curious as it is always good to know what you might run into.
  6. mclosely

    Anyone using the Geo AS200?

    I would also be interested in any feedback concerning GeoVision access control. We just priced a job where we are looking to integrate a GV DVR with the GV access control. Any major issues or hiccups?
  7. The roller has a protective finish on it. I have used it on finished and painted drywall with no marks. We picked up ours for under $100.
  8. Another tool I would throw out there is the magnepull (magnepull dot com). We started using them and they have proven to be terrific for fishing walls - even if they are insulated. We picked ours up from our local distributor (The Systems Depot) for a great price.
  9. I have used the GView V2 from GeoVision with success. I have it on my Samsung i760 windows based phone and it works great with our demo unit we have set up. I always use it as a sales tool when meeting with a prospect. It does leave a good impression when I show them the ability to access live video from my phone.
  10. mclosely

    GV DSP LPR/ GV IRCamera

    Can the IRCAM's be used for license plate recognition effectivley without using your LPR software? We currently use your v8.2 with our DVR's. If I utilized the IRCAM can I expect good results (day and night) or would I still need the LPR software? Also, we will be looking at vehicles stopped at a gate. The camera location would be approx. 45' from the vehicles. Which IRCAM would you recommend (10 or 20). Thanks