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  1. WildCard

    Hard Drives - Speed and Cooling

    No one mentioned yet the benefit to having more drives - which is data read/write speed. In RAID5, those large video files are saved not to just one drive, but equally over X amount of drives. I have been using a nice tower case that has the ability to hold 5 drives in front bottom - and there's a nice 120mm fan in front there sucking air in pushing the air past the drives. Yes, there's extra heat and power wattage needs, but I find it definitely worth it. -WC-
  2. WildCard

    Remote webcam unusual error Geovision 7.0.5

    okay, will do. What does a password authentication fail error look like? I just tried user admin with password of gibberish, and it came back with the can't connect to server error.
  3. WildCard

    Remote webcam unusual error Geovision 7.0.5

    Thanks Rory, but it failed to change the results. I still have the dialog box, multiview - Can't connect to server. Is there a program that my customer can install that isn't an activex, more like an application that would be installed and run as needed? -WC-
  4. WildCard

    Remote webcam unusual error Geovision 7.0.5

    Rory, you were posting as I was editing. Should I run the fix on the clients having the problem connecting with webcam/multiview? Is Multiview the same as remote viewer? I have heard that used sometimes in regards to Geo program run. -WC-
  5. WildCard

    Remote webcam unusual error Geovision 7.0.5

    Scott, I assume you mean to do that at the specific client machine trying to connect? Because I have tried connecting with computers that have never installed multiview until then, and they are getting the same symptoms. -WC- //edit - I called to confirm that the router has the mappings for 8888,3550,4550,5550. He confirmed, there was no 6550, but that's audio, right? This is baffling me. Worked the day we installed the update, and it continues to work internally on their network - but not outside the router.
  6. Hello guys, When it rains, it pours. I have a problem that appears to be a router/routing issue. See if you can think of anything else or point me to a log that will answer it better. Store has a GV800-8 running 7.0.5, and from within the network I can webcam/Multiview to the DVR server. From outside the network, I get the forced software downloads, choose Modem/Broadband option, it gives me a login - but then errors with: Multiview: "Can't connect to server" I talked to the org that admins the router (I can't log in to the router, all changes go through them) and they said they have ports 8888, 3550, 4550, 5550, and 6550 routed to the IP of this DVR box. Yes, I did change the default port from 80 to 8888. Any obvious answer to the riddle? Is there an authentication or connection log somewhere in Geo that would say 'Password Failed', or 'Connection timeout' or 'IP not whitelisted' or something like that? Just to throw the group, I have to say that I did connect to this box right after I installed 7.0.5 upgrade last week. The next day, it refused to work, giving me the symptoms above. Thanks all, -WC-
  7. Going to contact Geo support now, but thought I would tell you. Even after control panel uninstall, rename GV800/multicam folders, uninstall device drivers, reboot, reinstall from v7.0.4.0 cd, still getting server start fail message. It appears that all the settings were saved in windows dir, since even after all that above, geo software uninstall didn't uninstall the ini files from the windows dir. Any suggestions? Teh card appears to work for everything except webcam. I am about to reinstall windows on this beast just to say screw it, but not looking forward to it, even though it would probably save me time in the long run. -WC-
  8. ah yes, so my search for an online source continues... The version 6 one I downloaded killed the install saying it couldn't find the previous install. The 7.0.0 one acted like a full install, never asked where the previous install was - so I assumed it was full. But you are probably right as to it being an un-full install. -WC-
  9. New problem, what do you guys think? 1) Was getting 'SERVER START FAIL' when loading into GV800 software, version 7.0.4 (I think, it was atleast 7.0.1) 2) Uninstalled completely in add/remove programs window, rebooted. 3) Reinstalled 7.0.0 from online download. Rebooted. 4) Now I get 'This application has failed to start because vcc3.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem. It's no where to be found on the C Drive. No where to be found in the install package either. May be a bad installation package? -WC- PS: Sorry for so many posts today. When it rains, it pours.
  10. I got those files, and I found 3 of those missing: \geonet.ini \GeoServerList.INI \geoXCli.ini Would that be something that might be causing my 'SERVER START FAIL' dialog? -WC-
  11. Any means to verify what version is installed? -WC-
  12. WildCard

    Geovision 7.0.5 full software available?

    I didn't wnat to have to wait for the CD... It came with 7.0.1 I think, and I have upgraded it to 7.0.4 sometime - and yes, she's dongled. I have upgraded it to 7.0.5, but it shows no change. -WC-
  13. I don't remember what settings I have for my motion only cams, but I had to throttle down the sensitivity due to the fuzziness that is inherent in the cam when trying to overcome pure dark conditions. It was obvious when it was recording all night, when all it should have caught was the occasional mouse or spider. Throttle it down some, and see how it goes that night. -WC-
  14. I can manually copy them, you rock for offering to edit your VB code for me. Thanks for pointing out what files I need. Restoring should be as easy as reinstalling to 7.0.5 after unisnstalling - and copying the files back to the windows dir? -WC-
  15. WildCard

    Geovision 7.0.5 full software available?

    Thank you though, btw.. What stinks about these downloads is that many sites say they have a full version, but there is no real naming convention or size differential that makes it obvious a full or upgrade version. Could be downloading in vain... Worse case scenario, I goto the end user and ask for the copy of the disk I gave them with their server docs. -WC-