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  1. slowforthecones

    hello from california

    hello from california. it's been awhile since i logged on here and thought I'd re-introduce myself. I am a electrical contractor specializing in cctv and fire systems located near San Francisco, CA. I have lots of reading and catching up to do, see you guys around the forum.
  2. slowforthecones

    wave-p 9808 card

    Where do I pickup one of these Wave-P cards?
  3. slowforthecones

    Bosch AutoDome Questions (Envirodome)

    biphase, thanks for your answer. I acquired this dome thru as trade-in credit from a customer for a new spectra4. The dome doesn't have a model # label anywhere, it's a corner mount unit with the bracket and power supply/back box. I took the dome off the backbox+corner mount. I powered it up with a 18/2 and bnc to the monitor. It shows a manufacture date of 2005 with 26x somewhere on the screen..that's what lead me to believe it's a autodome 300 envirodome. I plan to mount this dome outside using a ceiling mount bracket from bosch. I looked at bosch's catalog, it appears they have a outdoor ceiling mount option for this envirodome. Do you have any service manuals or PDFs instructions on removing the bubble dome cover. how do i twist it off, is there a pry/trim wedge tool i use? thanks again for your reply and insight.
  4. slowforthecones

    I caught the thieves on camera need a profile picture

    the resolution is so bad that is useless in court.... the perp has to be easily identified..even then a good attorney can argue the alleged was not present nor were they caught by the police shortly or in the course of the burglary. You'd have to have really good video footage of the actual break-in, their get away in a car tracked to them. That'd seal it pretty good.
  5. slowforthecones

    Bosch AutoDome Questions (Envirodome)

    This is a wall/corner mount version. I am trying to convert this to a ceiling mount version by purchasing the correct ceiling mount adapter that attaches to the top of the dome. My questions still are, this is a envirodome autodome 300 model. Is the bubble user replaceable? if so..how do i open it because the bubble has scuffs.
  6. slowforthecones

    Bosch AutoDome Questions (Envirodome)

    I'm talking about an envirodome autodome 300. Is that a G3...??
  7. slowforthecones

    Looking for Bosch Bilinx software and cable

    I just found the software too, haven't installed it yet or bought the adapter. I have seen the adapter for sale for $75 and I have seen an entire kit for $400 almost (soft + adapter). wonder whats up or the difference between the adapter and downloading the soft yourself.
  8. slowforthecones

    Bosch AutoDome Questions (Envirodome)

    so the backbox comes off finally, it turns out it's a really tight gasket. however how do you take the dome drive out of a envirodome housing?
  9. slowforthecones

    Pole mounting bracket help, please

    stainless steel hose clamps work great!!!
  10. I took down a Bosch EnviroDome housing that was a pole/corner mount pendant arm. I unscrewed the four bolts holding it and the back box doesn't seem to disconnect. Is the arm and backbox one piece? any ideas?
  11. slowforthecones

    Looking for Bosch Bilinx software and cable

    the software is $500, think you need to buy it..it comes with the adapter. i don't have the software.
  12. slowforthecones

    Neighbor Problems - Need Advice.....

    Install some good cameras covering your property boundries (side lot, back & front yards, door way entry, driveway) Bullet cams and small domes are great to hang. Get a good DVR with lots of hard drive storage capacity. Now assuming you have some type of solid fence 4-6 ft. high along your property, I would suggest aiming/focusing the camera to only see your side lot and not any part of your neighbors property to reduce a claim by the neighbors. While he may be guilty of the crimes he's convicted of, he has paid his dues to society/served his time. We don't know that and we are not taking his side..but he does have a right to live his life free of harassment if he is not choosing to go down the path he choose before. Goodluck, ask us more on techniques if you'd like.
  13. slowforthecones

    DVR in car?

    I'm looking for suggestions for a camera in my car. I have some extra Pelco 1390s... would they work well with a 4mm lens?
  14. slowforthecones

    Wiring Question (inteference or not?)

    Good idea powering the cameras closer to the source, spoke to the client awhile ago and they approved such. These clients own 3000 residential apartment units so whatever they say..I do. i'm their regular service/install guy.
  15. slowforthecones

    Cable Insulation

    HD no longer owns HD supply, HD plumbing, etc. It use to be Huges or Hughs supply a few years back. You are right about we don't know if the op is a installer or reseller. If you ever notice HD pro & HD do not carry all the proper rated fittings..i.e. they have compression concrete-tight but not compression rain-tight. and yeah home depot is open late and around often after suppliers are closed and gone home.