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Found 2 results

  1. Anyone know where lenses can be bought for this camera? Any info on the thread, part codes or suppliers would be useful. http://www.cameras-cctv.com/Bullet_camera_21EH-R43
  2. Hi everybody. I have an existing cctv 16ch system (night owl) that I installed myself quite awhile back, these are 720p cameras. When I did the camera installs, since I only have one good leg, my goal was to be able to mount the camera, and then while still on ladder, aim & point cameras to my desired view. So... Back then I used my little color portable 4" radio shack tv with a bnc to rca adapter piece, and it was a piece of cake. Well, I recently decided to see what all the hd fuss is about, so I got an anran 16ch system with hd cameras. Well in checking out cameras before climbing any ladders, I noticed the only thing that can see the signal from the cameras is the new dvr hooked up to my monitor. My little radio shack tv is just analog, but has a rca input Jack (no hdmi) but it can't see any signal from the new cameras. Granted, I am going to just put the new cameras in the same spot as existing cameras, but I really wanna be able to see the signal while I'm there. Nowadays, money is tight (non existing) so is there some kind of cheap adapter I could aquire to hook these Cams up to my little sweet battery operated 4" radio shack tv?? Thanks for taking the time in reading all this, and any and all suggestions, criticisms, or pointers will be greatly appreciated!!