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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have been looking for a way to wirelessly transmit video signal from a traditional IP camera. I have used bridge systems, but have mixed opinions. What about transmitting 1-2 cameras from a light pole to a building that is 100-200 feet away? Would a WiFi range extender work, other than they are half duplex? Is there a cheap WiFi balun or adapter that can connect the cameras to a dedicated WiFi network? Sorry if this is a redundant topic/post, just point me to the right direction. I guess I need the “keywords” of what I am looking for and can only describe!
  2. I am looking for suggestions on weather proofing the connection of an RJ59 Siamese cable to an HD-TVI camera that is mounted outdoors. Specifically, I am wanting to know how you would go about doing this and what hardware you would use. Reliability through changing seasons and weather is definitely a must (I have learned from experience, aww, camera video feeds keep going out). Do you have any recommendations on how to get the video feed of multiple HD-TVI cameras on one building over an air gap to the other building? The distance between the buildings is less than 300 feet and there is pavement that prevents us from doing underground cabling. In further extension of question #2, the building in particular is a workshop garage for vehicle repairs. The need is to install a wall rack with CCTV power supply and UPS battery backup. What is the best way to do this factoring in cold winters (below freezing) and hot summers (upwards of 38 Celsius / 100 Fahrenheit), particularly in protecting the equipment from overheating and the elements? In general, how do you recommend installing [bullet] cameras outdoors? In particular, do you install bullet cameras directly to a surface on the building, or do you install the bullet camera to some sort of weather proof junction box? What equipment do you use? I am hoping for some photos of examples and/or product links that I can order online. What is an ideal mounting height for outdoor cameras where a ladder is required to tamper with the camera but not so high that faces cannot be identified? If you are running a cable through a sheet metal wall, what do you use to prevent the drilled hole from cutting the cable and how do you weather seal the hole after running the cable through? What equipment do you use?
  3. I have 2 Night Owl wireless cameras that require AC power. They are in 2 different locations so I'd rather not get even the smaller of a UPS for them as it would require 2 and seems like a bit of overkill. I have been trying to find something that would be more like an inline battery that would be charged with the AC power but would power the camera when the AC is out. I already have the NVR connected to a standard UPS, which is kind of pointless when the cameras don't have power. Any help, tips, or advice is appreciated!
  4. Trinicloud

    AG-EC18D-M10 camera question

    Good morning all, I am new to the whole security camera/surveillance thing. I have been an IT guy for the last 20 years and recently one of my clients when and purchased 16 of these http://angevision.com/html_products/AG-EC18D-M10-WIFI-Bulb-IP-CAMERA-294.html for his 8 store outlets. Each one of his stores has internet access so he is enjoying being able to view remote what goes on at each store via his cellphone. He asked me a few days ago if it would be possible to remotely store the feeds of each of the cameras at his office and view them on a large tv display or two. Now off the top of my head i when i thought maybe a Synology or Qnap nas with their surveillance software can work, but the Camera does not support Onvif from what i have read and mainly works via p2p. I have reached out to the manufacturer via email to ask them a few questions about which one of their own nvrs can be used or what other brand nvr they would recommend for remote storage and viewing. Hopefully someone here can give me some pointers on what options are possible.