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New Stuff from Avermedia!!!

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Okay it looks as though Avermedia has released some new stuff, both hardware and software!


New DVR software!


Click and choose your hardware to download from Avermedia.com.



New Features


1. Support wide screen resolution with brand new GUI design for best display efficiency


2. Improved IP camera preview and recording frame rate by saving original video data


3. On-screen alarm buttons for users to trigger alarm manually during emergency


4. Real-time video watermark verification for recorded and snapshot image


5. Full resolution snapshot and video output for IP camera image with resolution up to 1920x1200(resolution bigger than 1920x1200 will be downsized to 1920x1200)


6. Users could allocate storage path and size for alarm generated snapshot images, the system will auto recycle when storage files are over the maximum allocated size


7. Added PTZ control function for Remote Console and PTZ speed control are now available on both Remote Console and WebViewer


8. Auto Backup function for easy backup when USB or CD/DVD storage devices are detected


9. Flexible dual monitor options for preview and playback or Emap

A. Enable dual monitor mode when two monitors are connected(preview in 1st monitor and playback or Emap in 2nd monitor)

B. Enable dual monitor mode but Only display DVR system in 2nd monitor

C. Disable dual monitor mode when two monitors are connected(only display DVR system in 1st monitor)


10. Backup function support in Playback


11. iPOS function for adding customized POS protocol for your own POS machine


12. Independent IP camera module update which allow users to obtain up to date IP camera support without installing the whole DVR software


13. Support DVR system upgrade via USB


14. Guest mode support – allow preview and playback before user log in


15. Support AVerDiGi system controller


16. Pulse trigger function for relay devices (continuously trigger relay devices in every specified time interval)


17. Support Ethernet connection of AVerDigi External I/O-Box


18. Support AVerDigi Display21 TV output accessory card (when using NV6000E+)


19. Expired/Activate user account based on specified date


20. Easy de-interlace mode selection for different video scenario by clicking on de-interlace button when playback


21. Limit WebViewer recording function by user account configuration




1. Maximum number of alarm image transmission via FTP increased to 32 pictures

2. Allow system administrator to decide adding video player into backuped video folders or not

3. Include PTZ/IP PTZ setting information into system configuration import/export

4. Advanced AVI transcode technology for faster AVI video output

5. Improve the accuracy of motion detection when sensitivity is set to be low




1. First 10 seconds of each hour would be recorded under motion recording status


2. H264 compression needs more CPU resource, and will reduce the frame rate per channel


3. OSD control is not supported under dual monitor environment


Sounds like some solid advancements and the limitations are no big deal to me if not completely obvious.



Also some super cool new hardware available!


AVerDiGi E-I/O Box


An Accessory compatible with AVerDiGi NV and SA Series, connect up to 128 sensors in / relays out. Provide the best sotution to establish overall safety.


E-I/O Box supporting 16 sensors in/ relays out is one accessory that provides a big advantage to users. The service provided by E-I/O box includes supporting 3 kinds of interface to connect to AVerDiGi NV/ SA DVR and expanding up to 128 sensors in/ relays out. This E-I/O Box is easy to use and allows us to identify sensor/ relay status via LED light.




I have been waiting for something like that from Avermedia for quite some time. Very glad to see the IO gap gone.


AVerDiGi System Controller


AVerDiGi System Controller is used to program and operate AVerDiGi SA/NV/XR series systems. Through RS-485 configuration, intuitive preview, playback, and PTZ control functions for users to efficiently control the surveillance system.


* 3-axis joystick keyboard

* Intuitive control under Preview mode includes E-map control

* Intuitive control for playback operation

* Easily PTZ control with joystick

* On board LCD message display

* Control up to 99 AVerDiGi DVRs





Also a few more general PC related goodies, USB>Ethernet, IDE>SATA check it out.

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CollinR welcome back

I am shocked


Ph call will follow


by the way I can only see Ver

U stated

New DVR software! ???

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CollinR welcome back

I am shocked


Ph call will follow


by the way I can only see Ver

U stated

New DVR software! ???



That's weird, I have NV7.7.0.00127SP4 and according to there web site, that's the latest ver. to date. Am I missing something?




PS. Collin, I tried clicking on the link on your post and all I get is some Chines writing.

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