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BBV Telemetry, Help...Help...

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I use 16 ch DM Multiplexer DS2+ and integrated with BBV telemetry RX-300 to control my PTZ unit. I think I have problem with my BBV because I can't control the PTZ unit (Not All).

Can help me to find the problem in my BBV maybe anyone have tips and trick to repair it.



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Few questions,


Was it working before, then stop working? Or is it a new setup that you are trying to get working for the first time?


How is it wired up (not familiar with the ds2) is it using up the coax or rs485/current loop for the telemetry control? (also is the ds2 setup to use the right telemetry format, not sure if its automatic on that or if you need to set it in a menu or dip switch)


Does anything work telemetry wise?


Are you getting video?


On the BBV, there is a test mode, its switch 8 on that model (there is a set of dipswitches on the board) - the test mode should activate all functions on your device (pan/tilt/zoom/focus etc) one by one so you can see everything is wired up at the bbv end correctly, and functioning.


The cable LED (light emitting diode, a small light) on the board should be on or flashing before you start the self test, if not something is probably wrong with the board (or it has no power!)



I have enclosed a link to the bbv manual in case you need it, pay attention to safety (as you can get electrocuted if you are not careful what you touch, especially if its a mains unit, and heed the warnings about isolating any moving parts etc before working on it etc...)




Has anything changed recently in the setup of the system, did the fault occur intermittantly before failing fullstop? How long is the cable run, what type of system is connected to the BBV etc.


Not sure what else to add without further info, but that should be a start..

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