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CCTV for Dummies !!!

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Just when you were running out of places to install cameras.......



Retailers and shoppers could benefit soon from store dummies in-built CCTV, thanks to a new project from Displaysense.


Displaysense is a leading supplier of display cases and point of sale equipment, and is working with security experts to trial the use of mannequins with built-in security cameras, in a bid to “battle the sharp rise in shoplifting and violent crime towards staff during this tough economic recessionâ€

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I was more of an Action Man type of Kid but Steve had CCTV ahead of his time, Zoom Lens, Infra Red and even Thermal !



From Wikipedia

A 20.2:1 zoom lens along with a night vision function in the left eye (as well as the restoration of normal vision). The figure of 20.2:1 is taken from the faux computer graphics in the opening credits; the only figure actually mentioned in the series, by Austin himself, is 20:1, in the episode "Population: Zero." Austin's bionic eye also has other features, such as an infrared feature used frequently to see in the dark, and he has also demonstrated the ability to detect heat (as in the episode "The Pioneers") and view humanoid beings moving too fast for a normal eye to see (as in the "Secret of Bigfoot" story arc). In Caidin's original novels, Austin's eye was originally depicted as simply a camera (which had to be physicially removed after use) and Austin remained blind in the eye; later, he gained the ability to shoot a laser from the eye (this ability is also demonstrated in the first issue of the Six Million Dollar Man comic book issued by Charlton Comics).


I bet he didn't use Swann

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