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POS remote viewing on Avermedia

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According to List of new features NV 7.3, i should be able view POS transaction on remote console or true web viewer, but it newer happens.

To prevent any network related questions:

LAN (Local Area Network)

No Antivirus.

Firewall - OFF.

Any one get POS remotely with Avermedia software?


Avermedia Tech Support is useless:

Dear Customer,


Currently the POS data can only be viewed from the DVR itself. The database cannot be accessed remotely as well. We are currently working on implementing POS access from remote systems. We do not have a time frame when this feature will be added. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.


*NOTE* Please do not reply to this email as it will not be answered. Please login to the website to submit replies or requests.



Customer Care

AVerMedia USA


False advertising?

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You are right, I don't think the tech. supprt's reply is correct. Of course you can view POS transcation remotely if in live. Both webcam and remote console are able to do it.


Possible reason for the POS text missing is that you didn't choose the remote video quality to be high.


First log in with webviewer and then right click on the channel which you want to show POS data. Then, in the right click menu, you can set the video quality to be high, and supposely you'll see the POS text now.


Just make sure you have 7.3 or above version installed at the DVR site.


PS. If you choose LAN when you log in webviewer and remote console, the default video quality will be high.

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I’ve tried everything: latest software, high quality, low quality, different resolution, analog and IP cameras, DirectDraw enable-disable, overlay settings – no success

I got POS overlay on Remote Playback, but no POS on Live View.

Ok, I understand some bugs in the software. But way there is no POS SEARCH button in Remote console?

Even, CMS 3000 won’t get POS data from remote machine.

Is there some trick?

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If you can see POS data in playback, you really should see it in preview as well. Only one thing in your statement is AVer's real missing part, which is the POS serach in remote console, they will add in future version I think. As for CM3000 and remote console, webviewer, to view POS remotely is definitely a spec, I'll suggest you to contact your distributor or even the FAE of AVerMedia for trouble shooting.


Good luck to you.

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