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Access control with garage door openers

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im looking to use a HID solo reader to activate a typical garage door opener, perhaps a genie or liftmaster, and am wondering what the wiring would look like, if another relay was necessary. Also looking for a device for the same door that would offer a timed close, lets say after 15 minutes of being open if the persons did not close the door, it would auto close. . is this a possibility?

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I believe a typical garage door opener just needs a momentary switch to activate it.


I have not actually done this but I have been able to operate a fuel pump using access control.


I would think you could run a pair of unused normally opened contacts from your controller to the same contacts on your garage opener that the push button switch would normally connect to.


You could use a door sensor to detect when the door is closed. So when the door gets opened this sensor detects the door is opened and after a preset amount of time if the sensor still detects the door opened then have the door close.


I run a similar setup with the fuel pump. I use a momentary push button switch connected to the door contacts. When the user pushes the switch then the pump turns off but if the user forgets to stop the pump it will automatically shutoff after 8 minutes.


Definitely can be done.


I use Keri Systems NXT series which is an IP capable system. My customer likes it because they can do everything remotely like start the fuel pump for someone who may not have a card to do so. They have been very helpful to me and I'll continue using the Keri Systems units.


Not sure if I have been of any help at all.

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1. Connect the NO & Common from the Reader to the interior push button for the garage door opener.


2. Then buy and install one of these:- http://www.protectrix.com/howitworks.shtml


Hey this is neat. I have not seen this before and sure would make a project such as this so much easier especially if all that is needed is control for the garage door.


Thanks for the great link coolie11. I'm putting this in as a favorite

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