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16-channel DVR suggestions

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Does anyone have any suggestions on a 16-channel DVR from any of the major manufacturers? If I call my distributor they obviously are going to try and push the Honeywell stuff (which is not nessisarily bad but yeah) so I am curious as to what else I should look at. Some of the DVR systems from Sanyo and Samsung GVI look nice but I have no experience with those.

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I'd like to get something that is fairly straight forward on programming, network connectivity with a client that is straight forward for the end user to copy off events to dvd or cd, option to scale to 1TB storage, 2-4 audio inputs, up to D1 res would be nice.


MPEG4 compression is ok I think for this application.

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I have been selling these left and right. Nice pictures with VGA or BNC for display and eve better playback. 30FPS per camera full D1 res on all 16 cameras. Great pricing. Up to 8 TB.


I got fed up with the PC based about 6months ago and then i found these. They have a lower end model that is almost as nice but it cuts FPS down to about 7 in full D1.


If your an installer they have great customer service, tech support, and return policy if your unhappy with anything.


Heres the link to the DVR if you need info.


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