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Help! Need simple system quick!

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I'm doing the low voltage on a high end home. I guess at the last minute the homeowner wanted a gate latch for the courtyard walk in entry. He wants to push a button and release the latch on the gate. The electricians ran a 2 conductor bell wire to the gate (on the wrong side of course). I can get the gate people to move the latch housing to the other side of the gate.


What is the best way to move forward on this? I'm thinking of a mag lock but don't know if 2 conductors will do it. Any suggestions?


Another question; there's about 30 feet between the main door to the house and the gate in question. How will he walk out of his own house and open the gate. Can you set a delay for how long the latch will hold open for?


I've done access control commercially (not much, but some) and it's been pretty straight forward with request to exit and such. I'm just not sure what to do with what I've been given on this one.


Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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Use a maglock. If he wants to open the gate from inside his house put a button with timer relay in. Only 1 leg of power for the maglock will go through the button. When he pushes the button the timer takes over. You can usually set these timers from 1 second to 2 or 3 minutes. I would recommend no more than 30 seconds. doesn't sound like much but it is a long time. If he wants to be able to unlock the gate outside put another button with 1 leg of power going through it. Either button he pushes will break power to the maglock. Depending on the size of the conductor. 18/2 I hope It should work. 30 feet isn't that far. Make sure you use surge protection. Seeing that your running the wire to a metal fence/gate and back in the house. The 2 conductor should work. All you need for the lock is pos+ and Neg- Voltage if it is D.C. Lock. Shouldn't be more than 24v. Remember the pressing either 1 of the buttons will unlock the maglock.

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