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newbie needs help

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been looking in the forum for a while , researched and need some help.


I was wondering if you guys could help me. I am looking for a start up surveillance system for my house. lately I have had a lot of vandalizm done to my cars and house and I would like to know who is doing it. It is really bugging me because I work a lot (mostly never home or around the neighborhood) and I try not to bother anybody. During the course of about the last 2 years. I have had my car brocken into, cars/house egged, and truck keyed (paint scratched).

I'm not looking for a really high teck. system like what buisnesses use. I just want a system with like 4 cameras that can record just good enough to tell what the vandal is driving and hopefully make out who it is. In order to catch the vandal though i would need a DVR that can record a loop of 24 hrs at least. That way when I get up to go to work if i notice anything odd, I can go back and see who did it. Camera placement would be near porch and street light so I think I don't really need a dedicated night IR camera.


Any help would be appreciated. Sorry for the long story. I just really had it all ready . Garage door was egged last night again.

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You can use any IR camera within your budget but they are really not upto the level of clarity you looking for.

yet you can see who are the vandals by it and you can use AVTECH camera KPC257 and DVR DR041 with 40GB HDD.


Hope it helps.

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oh well, I would suggest 4 Camera, 1 with infra red if you want for night just in case u need it


and I like Geovision, where you can get those emailing you the image when there is vandalism

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