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8.2 multiple conections ?

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Hello guys,


I have a customer with installed gv800 v8.2.

I installed him the RPB ( archive viewing) and Multicam for live view.

I have made the network and etc. everything works fine. the gv server is in the storage room nobody touches it,

its a little shop and there is 1 pc for the employs that are conecting vie the multicam program to check 1 camera that its outside the shop i have made a different user for them. The boss of the firm wants to watch the live feed from a different location(he has his own user), but he can't view while the employs are watching cuz the program says : Login denied! Already have a connection. .. Is it possible to have more then 2 users watching online at the same time that DVR card ? Any other software I can use ?


PS. All of the PCs are with XP, if it matters

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