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Quad-Core Xeon and RAID 5 for Aver 6000 series?

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I am building a 24 camera rig to use 2 Aver 6000 series cards.


All cameras will have varying FPS, record times, quality , etc. I'd like about 6 months of recorded video before overwriting.


Using a Xeon processor and server motherboard because reliability is very important so the little added expense is worth it knowing the processor and MB can handle the heat and non-stop processing.


Will the RAID 5 setup with four 1TB 7500rpm drives be fast enough?

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That depens on what you need the speed for. I have built a 26 channel DVR with 6 1TB (7200RPM) drives in RAID 10 and the read/write speed is good. RAID 5 will decrease the write speed but it should be just fine. I am even using the 32MB Cached 5400RPM HDDs in Raid 1 and they are doing just fine too. I used Core 2 Quad CPU and not a Xeon one. This was like 3 years ago. 6 months of recording will mean either you will have really low FPS or low resolution. HDD's are super cheap nowadays anyways. You can still go with 5400RPM 2TB HDDs in Raid 10 which will give you more capacity, and speed for pretty much the same price. It would be easier for us if you could tell what resolution and FPS and compression method you plan to use. I would not worry too much about the overheating if you havea good cooling solution. Make sure your power supply runs cool enough, as well.

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