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DSP and IP cameras

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I have Gv-2008 cards which have a DSP out built in. I cant seem to get any of my IP cameras to show up on the DSP. The analog come over great and look wonderful on there.


Is there some setting in the software I am overlooking?



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IP cameras don't show up on the analog spot monitor outputs. You need to use the new "Digital matrix" feature instead in v8.4 which uses a VGA/DVI/HDMI connector from a graphics card.

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Digital Matrix was a GREAT idea, but man does it blow.


At my office we have two 1120 cards. My boss has 2 spot monitors hooked up (16 cameras on each monitor) and gets a nice live view. But our Fisheye doesnt show.


In my office I have a 32" tv setup via HDMI and it acts as a digital matrix monitor, but it lags. If i move my PTZ it lags, if i watch people walking its not "real time" like with the spot monitor.


I also use digital matrix for clients and its the same scenario. When using digital matrix its not a fluid motion, its jerky, kinda sucks because it was a great idea in all honesty. The ability to just add video cards to get more monitors rather then having output cards.


Maybe in 8.5 they've fixed this but i didnt see much. I know they now support IP cameras in DSP mode though so thats at least something good.

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