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Been advised on this system. Is it any good?

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I have been to my local cctv company (not many around) and was given a quote on the following system that has remote viewing on the iPhone using eagle eyes:

All prices are plus VAT at 20%


AVTech KPD 674 4ch £69.99

500 GB SATA HDD £57.00

2 x Anti Vandal Dome Cam 2.8-12mm vari focal lens using a 2365+ 36B15 Sharp 1/3" CCD in grey £85.36



plus the odd bits and pieces like psu's cables, splitters etc etc


All in all including VAT is £328.07


Would this be a good system for the price? Any UK companies that can offer the same for less or better for the same price? Well, it is a buyers market

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£85 for a sharp chip. (not the best)


avtech also sold via maplins at least they have the price right. but by far not the best you can get.



look at dahua much better and has better remote software.

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That $85UK dollars is roughly $136US today -- I think for a little more you can get some nice CNB VCM-24VF's. You don't mention whether this system is for outdoor recording or indoor but with vandal domes I'm going to assume outdoor as those CNB's will be great for that use. I've got a pair of them and they're rather well designed hardware IMHO. Anyway, some food for thought!

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