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Buying IP Cams off eBay

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Has anyone done this before? I am considering buying IP camera's off eBay because I have some gift cards I got for my birthday and haven't used. The models I am interested are being sold on eBay brand new for about $250 less then where I can buy them locally. I am in Canada and the camera's are in the US. I am wondering if having them shipped to Canada may void the warranty. The camera's that I am considering are Vivotek's.


Any input would be appreciated.


thank you

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Having them shipped to Canada won't void the warranty, but purchasing via Ebay will.


http://www.vivotek.com/wheretobuy/wheretobuy.php?area=North America&country=Canada

VIVOTEK USA Inc. only sells wholesale products through authorized dealers to ensure that customers obtain proper support and service. If a VIVOTEK product is purchased from an unauthorized reseller, VIVOTEK USA Inc. may not be able to ensure that the proper service, warranty and support has been performed by unauthorized resellers.


The following websites are UNAUTHORIZED RESELLERS of VIVOTEK products:









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How well does aliexpress work? I have been eyeing a couple things on there but I am scared to order from there...

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I purchased all my cameras on ebay. You have to be patient and need some luck on your side.


I purchased Sony SNC-DM110 in your price range; comparing it against the newish Vivotek range. The sony is one awesome camera for clarity, range, wide angle, facial and vehicle reg ID etc.


I would not go any where near the non established brands from china and else where.


Buying from authorized vendors are too expensive.

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You can buy using Escrow on Aliexpress so the seller doesn't get the money until you have signed for the goods.


I bought a few small items and none of them were disappointing but DO READ the descriptions carefully.

Why not try a test purchase of something 'low cost' to see how well things go?


I assume that there is no warranty even if there is, as returning goods would take ages and cost a bundle.

Having said that I only bought a few items and they have not failed. It's no different to buying from ebay from a seller in China.

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