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Oem manufaturers and real manufacturers

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I'm new to posting here but read the forum for some time now.

I would like to create a list known manufacturer know copycats and known OEM's to better help people (and me) to understand who does what.

I'll start with what I know and edit this post as long as people add more and more info.

Here goes


AvTech (Taiwan) www.avtech.com - manufacturer

Win4Net (Korea) www.win4net.com, www.triumsecurity.net - real manufacturer but buy DVR's from STL www.stl-cctv.com

STL (Korea) - manufacturer

Rifatron (Korea) www.rifatron.com - manufacturer

Dahua (China) www.dahuasecurity.com - manufacturer

HikVision (China) www.hikvision.com - manufacturer

TVT (China) en.tvt.net.cn - manufacturer

Aver (Taiwan) www.aver.com - manufacturer

JuFeng (China) www.jufenginfo.com - manufacturer (Dahua) copycat

Xenon (China) www.xenon.cn - manufacturer (Dahua) copycat

HangBang (China) www.hbgk.net - manufacturer (Dahua) copycat

Sanan (China) www.sanan-cctv.com - manufacturer (Dahua) copycat

LB-Tech (China) www.an-tone.com.cn - manufacturer (Dahua) copycat

Swann (China) www.swann.com - manufacturer (Dahua) copycat

Lorex (USA) www.lorextechnology.com - OEM (Not sure who) looks like a (Dahua) copycat

Longse (China) www.longse.com - manufacturer (Dahua) copycat

Servision (Israel) www.servision.net - manufacturer

ProVision (Israel) www.provision-isr.com - OEM of TVT

Q-See (USA) www.q-see.com - OEM of TVT

HKVSTAR/UNIFORE (China) www.hkvstar.com - ?????

Provisual (USA) www.provisualusa.com - OEM ????

QVIS (USA) www.qvissecurity.com - OEM ???

MagicRadar/Tiebet (Taiwan) - Manufacturer



I'm sure I know more but they don't come to mind at the moment.

If you know any answers to the ???? I left or have anything else to add please leave a comment.

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Wondering if anyone has info on who manufactures "Fine" IP cameras. Just curious. I like their products.




They have a series of camera that model starts with ACM a series that starts with TCP, and a series that starts with CDV...


2, 3, and 5 MP cameras.


Any feedback would be great.

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Original equipment manufacturer

(From Wikipedia)

An original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, manufactures product or components that are purchased by another company and retailed under that purchasing company's brand name.[1] OEM refers to the company that originally manufactured the product. When referring to automotive parts, OEM designates a replacement part made by the manufacturer of the original part.[2]



1 Confusing and contradictory definitions

2 Automotive parts

3 Economies of scale

4 Origin of term

5 See also

6 References


[edit] Confusing and contradictory definitionsCounter-intuitively, the term OEM may refer to a company that purchases for use in its own products a component made by a second company.[3] Under this definition, if Apple purchases optical drives from Toshiba to put in its computers, Apple is the OEM, and Toshiba would classify the transaction as an "OEM sale".


Contradictory usage

An even more confusing, contradictory definition is a company that sells the product of a second company under its own brand name.[4]


Alternatives to contradictory or confusing use

Instead of OEM, companies may label themselves resellers.


Companies who buy parts and then resell those parts with some amount of additional value added along the way (such as assembly, customer support, or continued maintenance) may be better termed value-added resellers (VARs) or resellers.

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We have already purchase order to some manufacturer (real & claimed manufacturer)


We want to share our experience


recommended manufacturer:

SANAN -cooperative & good quality

LONGSE -cooperative & good service


unrecommended manufacturer:

-SECRT-expensive price than others, but in low quality, defect ratio more than 5%-worst & more expensive than LONGSE-progress time 1-2month-very bad in service.

-Xenon-very bad in service.



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Below are a few of the OEMs that I have discovered for the brands we service and sell at my company. Though not a comprehensive list of all models produced by an OEM, I have verified each in a group as virtually identical by cross-installing firmware or Windows server applications and/or by using a common client or CMS program to access each.


PCOpen is the OEM for at least three near-identical, Windows-based models:

  • OpenEye OE4/OE5 (OpenEye is PCOpen's own brand)
  • Honeywell Fusion
  • Toshiba Surveillix


PCOpen Notes:

  • These used to be compatible with each other's client software, but PCOpen coded a software check that started blocking that several years ago.
  • I have cross-installed the server software on these to convert one brand to another to harmonize all units for a given customer. PCOpen now has checks in the installer to prevent this, but it can be defeated.



Dynacolor is the OEM for a large number of near-identical, embedded Linux models:

  • Speco Technologies TN, TL, and TH-series
  • OpenEye OE1/EasyDVR series
  • CCTV Outlet
  • Ernitec
  • Many more


Dynacolor Notes:

  • I have cross-installed firmware on some of these on our test bench (it just has to be from the same OEM series like the DG600, etc.)
  • With a little effort, you can get Dynacolor's CMS software working with the OpenEye EasyDVR since OpenEye doesn't offer any client other than the in-browser client.
  • Older models like the Speco T-series have an ActiveX that is not Windows 7 compatible, but if you have the customer try to connect to a newer model line like the OpenEye EasyDVR (they don't have to actually login, just allow the ActiveX downloads), the ActiveX .ocx will be replaced by a Win7-compatible version. Their Speco T-series will now work.



AVer is the OEM for at least two near-identical, Windows-based models:

  • AVer/AVermedia
  • Speco PCPro


AVer Notes:

  • The PCPro can have its software replaced by newer versions of the AVer software and use the same license key



Mystery "white-label" OEM:

I have not identified the OEM for the following models, but I believe all of these are of a common origin as I they all use the same (typically unbranded) client software as the now-discontinued USAG units we used to sell

  • USAG
  • Intellix
  • Ganz Digimaster
  • Exelon PM
  • Vitek VT-E
  • Hunt HSR-Series
  • Samsung SDE-120

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I purchased products from those manufacturers:


Hikivsion www.hikvision.com First-class brand in China

Dahua Dahutechnology.com First-class brand in China, their products looks beautiful

Vivotek www.vivotek.com Their product range is mature, still cooperating.

Great Technology www.greatipcamera.com good service, quality. Still cooperating. Provide OEM

Vstarm www.vstarcam.com cameras for home use, product range is not too much

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