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Poor quality: Is it my cameras or the processing

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I am hoping this is the best place to post as this covers many categories – apologies if not, please advise.


I have analogue cameras and a GV-1120 and a DS2

I have been struggling for weeks on end to try and get decent video out of my Geovision GV1120 8 channel PCI

I have tried about 10 different cameras with fixed/varifocal lens from 480 to 600 TVL

e.g. Vantage box, Honeywell box , Xvision box, Vista dome, cheap chinese 27x ptz

with balun and utp

With D1 and varying fps up to 30fps and the results are pretty much the same (can only be described as poor at best) (Even for live viewing)

The image unless really close seems pixilated

I have tried a 500Gb DM DS2 legacy version through my 37 inch plasma TV and picture seems better

I keep reading that D1 resolution is similar to TV/DVD or thereabouts, but my video is so poor

My next idea is to connect each camera direct to my Plasma TV to eliminate the processing of the Geovision and DS2

I think I am missing something fundamental here

How should a analogue camera plugged into a LCD/Plasma TV compare to a camera plugged into a capture card/dedicated DVR unit. I am perplexed

I am almost at the stage of buying some IP cameras, but hoping I don’t need to

Am I expecting too much to view crisp video full screen on a 17 inch tft monitor from the setup I have?

I only want to view 5m or so away and width of about 5m

Surely all these cameras can’t be that bad, I don’t know where I am going wrong



Any advice is much appreciated

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Chances are the system you are using does not support D1 at a full 30FPS, this means you have 2 options, select a lower frame rate or go with a lower resolution such as CIF.


As for connecting the camera to a TV you need to get a BNC to RCA converter then just plug it into the yellow AV jack on the TV.

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Hi Sector Security,

Thanks for responding to my post


ThE Geovision GV-1120 does 240fps (8 channel) and I have tried various rates of fps. Are you saying that viewing at say 10fps will be noticeably worse than viewing at 30fps for a virtually still environment?


All the other settings such as compression are set for highest quality too.


Yesterday eve I connected the output of the card to my tv and also tried some of the cameras directly to the tv. Results were marginal if any.

The only time I've had good results was when I tested the cameras in my lounge (a much smaller area)


I'm thinking of perhaps having two cameras to cover each area, with one zoomed in, for detail. Effectively making it a 4 camera system.

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In a vrtually motionless environment you can drop the frame rate down quite low although I never go below 12 fps. At first I thought this was a PC capture card but later on you mention a dedicated DVR. If you are running on cat5/6 cable are you sure that you have baluns and not just cable adaptors. Your description of "pixilated" sounds like a compression problem. Is it H264?


Your plan to connect the camerta directly to your TV is a good first step. The picture should be good and stable. The colour and sharpness may vary with the quality of the camera.


good luck

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Hi, I am totally agree with you there may not need to buy a new IP Camera because of missing of some technical support, I think you to need some technical aid. There are so many Professional CCTV Installer available, you need to talk with them and you will sure get a positive result.

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Spam promotes itself so I'm a bit puzzled. Daviansmith just goes around telling people to ask a pro. I'm not sure what he thinks all of the folks are on here that do it for a living. There are some really sharp people on here.

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