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For SALE: 2 Avermedia 6480 Express and 2 NV7000H Cards

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Hi guys.


I'm going to keep it short and sweet. We closed our business down about a year ago and I no longer need the system I built to monitor it.


I have 2 Avermedia NV7000H cards and 2 NV6480 Express cards. They worked flawlessly in a supercool server I built by hand. It was overkill for what we needed but since we had the money and we were dealing with some compliance issues, I wanted to make sure this baby ran cool and without problems, which it did. You can look at my post history to see whats what. The 2 6480's were barely used since most of our cameras were IP and I only really needed the extra card to use the Avermedia software. There are 2 software license keys, one on the back of each card.


Let me know if you want 1 or all of them. I'm just looking for a fair offer. Check out the retail prices and come up with a fair price. You can pay me via bitcoin, cash or check. Obviously I'll need to wait for the check to clear. Shipping will be $20 and I'll bubble wrap them good and ship them UPS ground insured. If you want them faster and you want to pay for it then thats fine too. If we agree on price, I'll PM you my phone number so you can speak with me in person if you'd like.


If by chance one of them doesn't work I'll even send your money back minus shipping costs. I might be able to find some of the accessories and if I do, I will send them along with the cards but just figure on the cards only and think of anything else as a bonus.


I've attached a photo with my username for verification as well as a gallery with all images.




Link to gallery will photos of all cards front and back.



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