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help me wire in new cameras to my system

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So I need some help. I searched the internet and this forum but im not sure I found my answer. I have a fairly simple system on my house. I have 3 cameras. I have them wired to a laptop. On the laptop (windows 7) I have a usb video adapter with 4 bnc video connections. I am using ispy connect for the software. Everything was working just fine.



I was using cheap bullet cameras and the quuality just went to crap after a couple of the colder months. I found. What I thought is a good deal. 2 cameras that would survive better outdoors. They are the Prodigy PD-VD550-49NVW. I don't understand how to I stall these. They have 2 wires coming out. A BNC video, which I am familiar with, and a green cable. Which, through my research., I discovered is a cat5 which is good fir running cables long distances.


My cords that run from outside my house to my laptop have a 12v and bnc connection. There is no power connection coming out of the cameras. .... so can I connect these with my system? If do. How do u get power? Please help

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That green terminal block is your power line, its not using a 2.1mm jack


You will need to wire it up to a jack like this if you want to connect it to the old cable



Make sure you waterproof the connectors or your camera won't last very long

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I'm curious, how are your original cameras getting power from? It almost seems as per your post, your original cameras

only have a BNC connection and nothing else?

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