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Design Help Pls - 3 8CH DVR's at 3 locations viewed together

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Hi and thanks. I am a computer tech not a specialized CCTV systems guy.


My client has 3 locations in town (Office, home and home). He wants 8 cam, 4 cam, and 2 cam. I am thinking to keep it easy, just go with 3 identical 8 ch DVR's.


Main Requirements besides cost: EZ and reliable remote access for me to troubleshoot, all the systems be viewed with one software package, remote view via PC, IPad, and Android


The client is not tech savvy. Ideally, a PC based DVR system would be great because I could then log in and maintain it easier for him. I have been building PC Based using Mammoth DVR Cards and they work fine but w 3 systems, it seems like a PC build is overkill. The advantage is how easy it is to log in remotely (LogMeIn) and troubleshoot.


I personally use a stand alone DVR but I can easily maintain it and have no experience remote viewing and remotely troubleshooting.


I am not familiar with Software Packages other than Sabre which came with DVR cards so it would need to be capable of viewing all 3 systems from same software.


Costwise - 3 dvrs, and monitors seems cost effective.


I have looked at maybe going to IP cams, but they seem to be higher maintenance.


I would appreciate any help or direction you could give me. Thanks.

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I have clients with that issue and they have separate DVR's monitoring them all with one laptop (computer). Not an issue with enough bandwidth.

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If you're talking dvr's, this is the best in my opinion-




Web service will get you into any of the units for tweaking and PSS will open up all systems at once for viewing and even more tweaking per system.


As for nvr's, I prefer dahua as well. And while the resolution is much better than analog, for an eight channel system filled out with eight mega pixel cameras, times 3, you're looking at a way bigger budget. Plus mega pixel cameras can be finicky too. Short term long term, high def systems can be higher maintenance whereas analog, if installed well, is set it and forget it once it's all dialed in. But if you really have the budget, HD is the way to go and if you should choose dahua, all the above about web service and PSS applies as well. I have a video on a 4 channel nvr and a great place to score them as well. Good luck.

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If you are a computer guy, then I'd look at moving to IP. Get some Hikvision cameras and some $60 Zyxel switches.




Then pick a software package, easy as can be really. You only have to do CAT5 for wiring, so no separate power supplies, no coax to mess with. Plus a much, much better picture than analog cameras. You have no capture card to mess with, and you can try our several different software packages. It gives you many more options and you're not locked to one package that only works with a specific card. Head over to the IP camera subforum here and read up on the software options and ask away, it's definitely worth it.


You can have your switch hidden away wherever so all your camera feeds go there and you only have to have the computer on the same network, so one cable vs. having 8 coax cables and power supplies and such mess behind the computer. it is amazing how much neater, as in actual neatness, not cool factor, an IP system is.


Most IP packages are much more flexible in the ability to link more than one system, sitting directly to my left is a desktop right now doing a rotation displaying 6 cameras at a time, from 74 separate locations. Very, very nice. Open one client and see all the cameras, or just one, nice feature for sure and easier for the end user.

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