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problem evermedia nv5000 with dell optiplex 9020.

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Hi, I had a client who bought a dell optiplex 9020 and use it as a cctv system recorder. Somehow the pc always hang at the cctv interface screen when the user runs the software. I had no idea what was actually the problem with this Optiplex 9020 system. Could you help me please?


He had actually tested it with older type of dell optiplex 9010 but it seems working fine but not in optiplex 9020. I had also reformat the optiplex 9020 pc and reinstall all the drivers but it seems that it doesn't solve the problem as well.


The client has been using evermedia nv5000.



This is the specification of the PC.


Processor: Intel® Core i7-4770 CPU @3.40GHz

Memory: 8.00GB

Graphics: Intel® HD Graphics 4600

Windows: Windows 7 32 bit

Processor cores : 4

Harddisk size 1tb.

Total available graphics memory: 1563MB

DirectX 10

Network Adapter Intel® Ethernet Connection 1217-LM

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what is the firmware version that you are using.... has that been updated since upgrading the hardware?
"Hi, Did u mean the firmware of the pc or the evermedia card?

Thanks, I will look forward to your reply.

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Hi. All avers SA /NV are duel monitor


Sounds like you only have built in graphics ( which is only used for second monitor) for emap - playback - if used


But main OSD needs to be from a added graphics card

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