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Newbie question concerning NVR's

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I've decided to get some camera's to place around my house, so I ordered some dahua IPC-HFW4300S camera's. I wanted a good image quality and these seemed to be HD and got some good reviews.


I will start with 4 and maybe later ad 2 more.


The idea is that I can place the nvr in the attic and then run a wire down to my tv so I can see the images on my digital tv.


Now I have 0 experience with this and am looking for all the info on the net and forum to get the system i want.


I was looking at different nvr's and saw these two, can you give me your advice if these would be good for what I want ??

Or are there better nvr's for what I want to do, I would to have at least 6 or 8 POE integrated in the nvr.


Dahua Standalone NVR3208-8P




Dahua NVR5816


Thank's in advance,



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Hi Stef,


I have been using Dahua for about 2 years.


the 4300s cameras dont have the variable lense.


I only use the hfw3300...a bit bigger but has varifocal lense just in case you need to zoom into an area.


The nvr 3208 is fine....when looking for nvr make sure it can record 8 channel at 1080p.

realtime is 1080p anyway and thats the maximum it will show on a screen live.


Having said all that. I have just come across some faulty hfw3300..the infrared will start flashing about 2 minutes after IR turns on flashing the light on and off thus picture flashes.


Make sure your cameras are tested in the shop for at least an hour..tell them to put in the cupboard for you.


Having said that, my supplier in Australia is trying to rectify the situation, cant say that much for the factory in china.


hope this helps.



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Thanks for the info, now another question.

I see that prices in the US or other countries are alsmost half of what local stores charge for lets say the NVR5208-p .

Now if I buy ane of these in the US can it be used in Europe ? Except for the 110-220V problem will this work on European (PAL) digital tv's ?

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Most attics are not conditioned spaces i.e. hot/humid in summer and cold in winter, so locating the nvr in the attic is not recommended.


A hidden, well ventilated, and conditioned space is a better location for the nvr.

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Ok, thanks for the info.

Would it work if I just hide the HDD disk in another place. If they find the nvr they still don't have the images ?

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I have used external USB hard drives on PC based recorders/servers and located them in remote areas.


External USB hard drives can get warm so ventilation is recommended.

Also, hard drives do not like the cold...



USB Cabling Limitation (without repeaters)


USB 2.0 cabling max = 5.0m (16.4 feet)

USB 3.0 cabling max = 3.0m (9.8 feet)

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