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Triplex Recording

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I am working with a client that currently has a CPU based system that is ran by a software made by Triplex. I believe the system was installed under the previous owners about 7-8 years ago, maybe longer. The previous company is See-More Security. The administartion password that the Management and owners of the company should have, they don't. I'm working on getting into the system and checking the system settings, however, I can not do so. Plus the main screen is showing a prompt stating the "HDD is Faulty" in bright orange color. The system is still recording video and allowing play back of all events. I've been searching the internet for the PDF user manual but no luck to this point.


Anyone have any suggestions to how to get to the Settings and Reset the user passwords and how to get the system back up and running propperly.


I want to install my own equipment but the comapny doesn't want to consider that as an option until it fails completely. How should I present the issues occuring to get a better updated system in it?


Remember I am not the origionally installer. I just recently go the contract to be "the guy".

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I'd present them with 'opportunity cost' scenarios. If they want more features, they will need to upgrade as lack of access to the current system prevents any changes. Not your fault, and you've done all you can to remedy it.


There's also the opportunity cost of a system that completely fails without an adequate backup. There's already a hard drive issue that they're ignoring; a complete system failure leaves downtime if no quick replacement has even been planned. Better to replace it in advance and sell off the used unit.


They can run the numbers.

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Thank you for replying. I've taken notes and have presented that to them. Again thanks forthe heads up.

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