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32 unit intercom help

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alright, I have to find an intercom system for a 32 unit condo unit. They have an existing system that's not working, but I believe that the wiring is still good. It's probably a 2 wire system, but I yet have to take a good look at the system. I'm pretty sure I can tackle the issue but I'm looking for a distributor or manufacturer that I can work with, AIR PHONE is a bit too expensive. They also asked about a system with a camera, so any input is appreciated.

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Can you provide more detail?


At first a Valcom system comes to mind. It's voice only with 2way communication in banks of 24. It's popular in classrooms.

Where they can do paging from the office to all classes, just certain classes, or a classroom can initiate a conversation to the office from the classroom.


Works on 2 pair of UTP and punches down on a 66 block.

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