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Incompatibility issue between old cameras and new DVR

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I own a QSee 16 channel QT426 DVR with 16 cameras running 24/7. Because of the limited storage on that DVR (500GB), I've decided to upgrade to a new system, a QSEE 16 channel QC 9116 HD DVR (with 2TB of storage). Basically I just want to connect all my 16 already installed cameras to this new DVR; but I get no video displayed in return which is pretty odd to me since both are analog systems and both have the same BNC video connectors. Can anyone enlighten me on how I may solve this issue?


Thanks a bunch

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The system could be one of those HD-CVI/HD-TVI/HD-AHD, so called HD-Analog.

It is odd the New DVR does not support old analog cameras. Please check with Q-See whether it could be a HD-CVI DVR. I heard some of HD-CVI DVR models do not support old analog cameras, while the HD DVRs for HD-TVI/HD-AHD mostly support old analog cameras as well as new HD-analog cameras.

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