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Anyone bought from Selec Security Products?

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Im looking to add 2x 4mp Hik turret cameras to my current setup and found them for a great price at Selec Security Products




Website seems legit and they accept PayPal, but just wanted to get some feedback before ordering.


Also will these work straight out of the box on my

DS-7608NI-E2/8P running V3.0.8 firmware?





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Hi Dylan,


I have purchased a number of cameras and DVRs with Selec - they're the real deal. I think they run quite a large eBay shop too. If you need help from them I would phone and ask to speak with Lesley, he is super helpful.


(no affiliation, just a recommendation for a good company!)

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I'm also thinking of buying from selecsecurityproducts, but would like to know whether they are legit.


Do they sell authorized Hikvision cameras, or clones?


Other resellers suggest they are clones, as their prices are lower than Hikvision allow in the UK.


Would appreciate any feedback before I buy if anyone here has bought from them.

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Lesley here from Selec Security Products. ( www.selecsecurityproducts.co.uk )

We are a legitimate UK based company, (Axminster in Devon) and have been trading since 1982.

We do not stock any fake, imported Chinese or in any way dodgy equipment, all our cameras and recorders have serial numbers and are fully covered by the warranty.

Our prices are as a rule rather good, and fluctuate from time to time depending on the amount of equipment we are buying at the time, (website prices are adjusted regularly to reflect this) we can do this because we buy in bulk and pass the savings on to the end user, we are not greedy people.


We also have 2 eBay sites as below:

Selnet-Co Ltd. (for new equipment - VAT Registered)

Recon-CCTV (for used equipment - not VAT Registered)



www.selecsecurityproducts.co.uk - VAT Registered (main retail site)

www.selecsystems.co.uk - VAT Registered (installation site for retailers)


Should you need to contact me directly I can be found on: 01297 34946 or 01297 34500 (Please ask for Lesley or website sales department)

or email : tech@selecsystems.co.uk


We also provide technical support.



Kind Regards,



E commerce manager and technical supervisor for:

Selec Systems

Selec Security Products

Selnet-Co Ltd.



Selec Systems Ltd, Vale Lane Works, Vale Lane, Axminster, Devon EX13 5PX

Tel: 01297 34946

Fax: 01297 35370


Email: tech@selecsystems.co.uk

Web: www.selecsecurityproducts.co.uk

Installations: http://www.selecsystems.co.uk


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Selec-Security-Products/192580784193818

Twitter: https://twitter.com/selecproducts

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A quick update for anyone looking for Selec Security Products - The company went into liquidation as of early 2019. 

Associated companies were also dissolved including: 

Selec Systems, (Installation company dealing with many high street shopping chains) 

Sel-Co Ltd., (eBay site) 

Sel Global, (eBay site) 

Selnet-Co Ltd. , (eBay site) 

The company continues to run an eBay store selling used CCTV equipment called Recon-CCTV-and-Security. 


All employees including myself, were made redundant and laid off in stages from 2017 to 2019. 


Many thanks to all of our customers. 

Lesley Schultze - Technical Support & Website Manager. 

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