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concealed verical rod exit device

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Anybody have any ideas on best way to do an electric lock for concealed vertical rod locking device on double glass storefront type doors with no center post? Am I stuck with maglock and RTE motions? Really need a strike so they can use prox or key to enter and then just push the crash bar to exit. Can't see putting a strike in top and bottom of frame tho......


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Amazing what you can learn on the internet if you have the time. Looks like you have to disable the bottom rod and put electric strike for the top rod.

Folger Adam makes a 310 series strike that will do double doors. The catch is it must have a Pulman type top latch or one must be added. Just my luck the doors I am quoting don't have this Pulman latch it has plain old straight rods. Now to figure out if I can change these doors to Pulman latch......

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Well if they want key entry and prox, but you have only glass doors I would recommend you do one of two things.


1. Maglock with Pin/Prox reader. Program the system if your system is capable to unlock on either entry. If they use there card they can get in if they use there pin they can get in.


Other Option


2. Maglock with Prox and a Key Switch. If they don't have there card they can use there key to open the door. If you tie in the Status to the Request to Exit you will also be able to log when they use the key.


No need to spend all the money on Folger Adams and other hardware.

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