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Privacy and overlooking

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Does anyone know if there are laws about placement of CCTV cameras. I have a home which is set off the boundary along a laneway. i want to place a cameras along the lane way for surveillance and have a neighbor adjacent to the lane way.


as long as the camera is within my property can they complain or get me to remove it if. I image it will looks slightly into their backyard. this is not my intention but we have had some overlooking issues while building and don't want to make the problem worse even though i am just trying to stop someone from damaging a large wall along the lane with grafiti, and if they do want to have it on camera.

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I'm in Australia


Did you ask your neighbour if he cares? as long as you are not looking at any windows in his house he may not care. my camera looks over the neighbours drive and the front road. she doesn't care, in fact I have been asked if I have seen any thefts pass by my house in the past.


If he does care, your first step is to call by-law for your city and see if there is a by-law against it. second would be to google privacy in your province or call the privacy commisioner office in your gov't and ask for any info on the matter.


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