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Faster Video Conversion for Aver DVR recordings

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I am banging my head against a wall trying to get some 4.0 mp files converted using the built in export feature in the Aver software stack. It looks to me like they only utilize one processor core for transcoding, and it takes way too long to get usable footage from some of my newer systems.


Does anyone know of a 3rd party conversion tool that could help speed up the process, or a workaround with it? I'm willing to entertain anything to get these videos faster.


Thanks, in advance!



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I can't think of anything, but due note that when you are using the export feature, there are two export options: .avi and .mpg. I forget which one is faster, but one is significantly faster. You may want to try both and use a time. But I agree, it is slow. So slow, that sometimes I just give them the native files with the play option. Of course CCTV systems are not normally designed to export large amounts of video. The point is to export the 1 min. bank robbery, not 5 days of footage. So sometimes I think they don't spend a lot of time trying to allow for fast encoding on export. Matt

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