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GV-EBD4700 compatibility with GV 1120A PCI E

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My card is GV 1120A PCI E with software ver 8.5.3 and I planning to replace 4 analog with 4 IP camera. I m suppose to buy the GV-EFD2100-0F 2 MP but the GV-EBD4700 4 MP caught my eye which is cheaper. Is my card compatible with GV-EBD4700? sorry for asking stupid question I just cant believe that the 4 MP is cheaper than 2 MP and I m worried that it might be only compatible with newer card this year(if any).



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I dont think it has anything to do with your card. Its all about your software. You need to upgrade to 8.7.0. If the software still does not recognize the ebd4700, there is a patch to download to recognize the newer cameras.




By the way I agree that the GV-EBD4700 is a great value right now at about $100 for a 4MP H.265 camera. You'll need a pretty recent Intel i series CPU to take advantage of H.265 compression though. A few years ago I was paying a few hundred dollars for 2/3mp Geovision cameras. Now with their target series, they have some really good prices.


And I dont think there are newer cards anymore. Geovision doesnt seem to make DVR cards now, only IP cameras.

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