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New ip camera-can't see it on the network-Swann SWNHD-865MSB

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Long time user of Swann SWNDH-880 (4k rebranded hikvision) and SWNHD-825 (3mp rebranded hikvision) cameras from costco. These have been great with my linux NVR bluecherry. They even took the hikvision firmware update.



I've recently purchased a new Swann PIR IP camera from https://www.walmart.com/ip/Swann-SWNHD-865MSB-US-5-Megapixel-IP-True-Detect-Camera-with-Audio-Bullet/493853045.


I was hoping it could see it on my network and somehow log in and recombobulate it to work on my system. So far no luck.


I did speak with Swann before ordering to confirm the camera was onvif compatible and that I was using it with a non swann system.


I know that some hikvision cameras and other sometimes have a different default IP or subnet and you must configure your computer to that ip range and subnet, but I don't even see it using any ipcam scanners, onvif discovery programs or anything. My POE switch does light up and when the ethernet port is occupied by the camera and the IR lights come on in low light.


Any ideas how I could confirm if I can communicate with this camera without a swann NVR?


Thanks guys

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