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CCTV v PC Monitors

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Not knowing whether or not I should buy a specific CCTV monitor, as opposed to a computer monitor, it would appear from the responses that I received that quite a few people do actually use computer monitors.


With that information in mind, I went ahead and purchased this one.......................




However, when I first switched the monitor on, the very first thing that appeared on the screen was a message as follows :-


"Use of fixed pattern or static images for more than 30 minutes may result in image burn-in". Also, when I looked at the user manual I came across this warning.




Now it is highly likely that the image will be 'live' for 8 hours or more each day and, it is equally likely that this image will be pretty static for most of that time, only altering as and when some activity occurs. The chances of 'burn-in' must be quite high given this scenario. Obviously the monitor could be turned off at the end of the working day and then only switched on at the start of the new day.


What are other members findings when using computer monitors for CCTV purposes? Should I return it and buy a CCTV specific monitor or, are they basically one and the same thing as regards their construction and both types are therefore subject to 'image burn-in'


I really would appreciate your thoughts. Thank you.


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I would not worry about it. If it becomes a problem, you replace it down the road. The monitor itself is inexpensive.

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