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does drive rpm make a difference in NVR performance?

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Happy holiday guys,


I have had to replace drives on PCs and laptops I have bought in the past to a 7200rpm drive since they shipped with a 5200rpm slower drives As such perhaps I have the misconception that a 7200rpm drive would be much faster than the later and offer a performance boost.


I'm thinking of installing WD purple drives on my NAS based NVR and configure it as a volume dedicated to NVR funtions. I see that WD-P offer different cache amounts which is good.


I am going to be recording 7 days 24/7 5-6 cameras. (different MP due to different needs).

One think I like to do is playback / stream video so I can't help to think that I should buy the faster drive I can afford even if that means a 10TB WD101PUR since it is 7200rpm.


I don't want fall a victim of the "more is better", so I would appreciate some insight from folks who have first hand experience with these drives.


The distilled question here is: Does 7200 offer a real advantage in performance to 5200 ?


Thank you

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I am new to CCTV but not new to computers and electronics.


I think it would make difference for systems with large number of cameras recoding continuously. I think for systems with 8 cameras not recording continuously, which should be your goal as you want footage going back as far as possible, it will make no difference.


I would rather get bigger HD than smaller spinning faster.

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Thanks folks. I ended up ordering a WD purple 10TB 7200 rpm.

I want to record 24/7 - which in my mind is the best so that you can get the entire story should something happen.

I was pricey, but you can't have too much space in an NVR from what I have experienced.

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