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Hikvision "Live View Failed" when using the Web GUI on IE

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Super odd issue is occurring here. Possible chronic.


Symptom: Whenever user attempt to use the WEB Gui user will get a "Live View Failed" error. This happens anytime the user attempts to use any portion of the GUI which has a video feed. (Live View, Changing Motion Settings, Changing Video Settings, ETC). This occurs both when using the web GUI of the NVR and the Camera web GUI as well. It spans across the entire system. Even spanning to off-brand Hikvision cameras, Annke (Model: I61DR) that use the Hikvision web client (WebVideoActiveX Control- HANGZHOU HIKVISION DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. WebVideoActiveX.ocx).


User noticed when trying to change the OSD setting using the web GUI. When attempting to do so using IVMS-4200 program will occasionally freeze/crash.


This NVR is not an eligible candidate for the 4.0 upgrade yet.



Hikvision DS-7716NI-E4 / 16P

-Firmware: V3.4.98 build 171121

-Encoding: V5.0 build 170830

-Web: V4.0.1 build 170814

-Plugin: V3.0.6.27


Hikvision DS-2CD2142FWD-I

-Firmware: V5.5.53 build 180730

-Encoding: V7.3 build 180409

-Web: V4.0.1 build 180423

-Plugin: V3.0.6.38


System Environment:

Windows 10 Pro

4.00 GB Ram

64 Bit


Tired to uninstall and reinstall:

-With Antivirus and Firewalls disabled

-In administrator mode

-Full uninstall delete registry keys and reinstall in admin mode

-Full uninstall and reinstall in windows safe mode

-Full reboots of all cameras, NVR, client computers

-Tried this on several other window 10 Machines with similar specs one machine had 8GB of ram with same OS specs.

-Network firewall was also bypassed for testing and the issue still occurs.

-Used used another brand Test Bench IP Camera that laying around (Amcrest Shield), was able to install the web client tool and access all features of the GUI on the affected systems.

-Ensured Add-on was enabled

-Tried IE Tab in Chrome: no go

-Ran IE in Administrator mode


Anyone else having this issue?

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Try deleting the folder called 'Web Components' which is stored in C:\Program Files. Then restart your PC and login to the NVR using Internet Explorer. Click to install the plug-in and then close the browser so the plug-in can complete installation.

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