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  1. Try deleting the folder called 'Web Components' which is stored in C:\Program Files. Then restart your PC and login to the NVR using Internet Explorer. Click to install the plug-in and then close the browser so the plug-in can complete installation.
  2. Hi I am in the process of installing a Hikvision NVR (DS-7608NI-k2 / 8p) I have one camera working on it at present and have set up the Hik-connect app and web browser, so i am not a complete noob. when I try to add other POE camera it stops my working camera from working? and will not register the new camera, I can see both cameras are connected through the power power consumption tab on the NVR but no pictures? Does anyone know the correct steps to add a new camera?
  3. Hi I have inherited an unbranded DVR, with no software although I can view it if I plug in a monitor. Is there away I can browse to it On the internal network, I have tried putting the IP address in the url bar but nothing happens.
  4. jonesysnr

    Intruder alarm

    Could any body please recommend a forum for intruder alarms please.
  5. jonesysnr


    Any views on KGuard security systems?
  6. jonesysnr

    D1 or 960H

    Which is the best?
  7. Hi I am coming out of the back of a DVR on the VGA port. plugging in a RJ45 converter and I then have a cat 6 cable buried in the wall to my TV. I then some how need to get the cat 6 cable either on to a scart plug or a component cable. This is were I am struggling. Please help??????????????????????????????????