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[REVIEW] ZOSI 1080 P Wi Fi IP Camera

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Hello! In this topic I would like to share my impressions of the wireless camera. Perhaps my review will be useful.

This is a simple device for solving not complicated tasks. I bought this camera to install near to the entrance door and see what happens there. I chose and watched various devices for a long time, expensive and cheap. From the very beginning I was not sure which camera I needed. Therefore, to experiment purchased a wireless camera on Amazon. I decided not to buy the cheapest device and focused on the reviews and their number.


The requirements were as follows:

- wifi connection

- write to USB flash drive

- ability to connect to the registrar if required

- metal case

- night lights

- easy setup and installation


Sensor: 1/3 "SC1235 CMOS

Processor: HiSilicon Hi3518Ev200

Minimum level of illumination: 0.1 Lux @ (F2.0, AGC ON), 0.01 Lux with IR

Frame rate: 15 fps (main stream)

Lens: 3.6mm

Compression Format: H.264


IR illumination range: 20m

Power supply: DC12V, 1A

Temperature range: -20 - 80 С

Protection Level: IP66

Body Material: Metal

Viewing angle (according to the formula a = 2arctg (d / 2f)): 74 degrees

Wired interface: 1 RJ45 10 m / 100 m

Wireless Interface: Realtek

RTL8188ETV (802.11bgn)


- ip-camera;

- power supply 12V / 1A (length 3 meters);

- removable wifi antenna;

- mounting kit with a template and hex;

- UTP cat5e 4x2 AWG24 patch cord (1 meter long).


Below you can see a compartment for installing a microSD flash card. The compartment is closed with a lid on two screws.


Swivel bracket, I would say classic. The camera can be rotated at different angles and fixed as needed. A black overlay is attached to the visor to prevent stray light from the IR LEDs. Personally, I would prefer a black paint spraying, instead of a visor, which over time can fall off and it happens.

Wiring harness is very standard for such devices: RJ45 8p8c jack, DC12V power jack and camera reset button. To reset the settings, it is enough to apply power to the camera, wait until it is fully turned on and hold the button down for 5 seconds.


Remote access to the camera works thanks to p2p technology.

For connection to a camera from a PC on Windows, the manufacturer offers the program AVSS PC client.

The process of adding a camera is the same as in the CMS application, however AVSS immediately finds the camera via the media port, and in the CMS you need to add the camera manually.

Finally, the last application you need to say is mobile. ZOSI is betting on it as an easy and effective way to interact with the camera. We need the program Zosi Smart App. The name is the same in both app stores for known platforms. I tested it for android. The process of adding a camera is very simple and is described in detail in the instructions. To be able to view remotely, not from the home LAN, you need to register, however, the confirmation code may not arrive in the mail the first time. I came at the second attempt. After searching and adding a camera, the program requires you to change the standard password to your own and we get to the main window


Image quality is expected for a camera whose resolution is still closer to 1Mp. There are not enough stars from the sky, which means that the range of tasks for such a device will be more than trivial, for example, overview functions: materials brought to your object or not yet, whether your employee went to work or not, is your shovel at the fence or is it up your neighbor, watching an older man / child. In general, the simplest household tasks without frills and claims for serious video surveillance.


+ wifi

+ write to USB flash drive

+ onvif support, which means that a ip camera can connect to any NVR

+ long power cord

+ looks serious, the neighbor is jealous.


- no poe

- clumsy mobile software

- there is no web interface

These and other photos you can see at google drive

Made a simple video with day and night shooting

I will also answer your questions about the camera.


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For that price you can buy a 3-4mp Poe


Would of been good to of seen a night time video without all the street lights.


As the IR is out of range at that hight.



No need to use wireless cameras as there not reliable


Power lines are much better

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On 12/14/2018 at 11:54 PM, tomcctv said:

For that price you can buy a 3-4mp Poe


hi tomcctv! Can you can you give an example?

On 12/14/2018 at 11:54 PM, tomcctv said:

No need to use wireless cameras as there not reliable

On 12/14/2018 at 11:54 PM, tomcctv said:

Power lines are much better


It's all relative. For serious tasks of course better wired connection. For those tasks about which I wrote such a solution is fully justified.


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For this day and age there is no point spending on 1mp when 3 or 4mp is the same price ....even cheaper if going 5mp analog HD.


wireless has never been good and no range on 2.4.

powerline are cheap and give much better distance and you get no problems with interference from anything else in or around the house hold.

i have also been saying for years China p2p is not good. Having to register to use a remote app for something you own and have no control over is wasting money

you could not use that camera in commercial with new GDPR or have a pro fit them.


even your Amazon link was posted there are now others $15 cheaper. They will be giving them away in cereals boxs soon

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