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HIKVision IP Cameras Undependable?

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We purchased our HIKVision Tri-brid DVR DS 9000 series and two HIKVision analog turbo cameras from our facility security provider, Protection1/ADT.  Now that we want to purchase IP cameras to use wirelessly their sales people say that they don't sell HIKVision or any IP cameras for wireless use because the technology is not stable enough yet in the security world.  We discussed POE switch with multiple ports etc. to install wired...  I am in a museum with ever changing gallery floor/wall plans for ever changing art installations/exhibits.  Instead of continuously pulling wire to new camera locations we'd like to go wireless with these gallery cameras.  Power is not an issue.  There are multiple galleries in a total floor area of approximately 200' x 200'.  Our general facility security cameras are installed permanently at fixed locations.  We would like to use IP motion/zone sensing cameras dedicated to specific art pieces.  Any advice...I do not have to purchase through them.

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Hi. Wireless is never good. But if your using IP cameras then power line adapters are much better.. Using your exist ion power sockets as data cable from camera to NVR and still able to us your socket outlets as normal.


you will still need to power your camera and there are a few ways of doing that.

you can power your cameras with adapters or if your cameras or some are around the same location you would only need 1 powerline adapter and say a 4 way Poe switch (will power 4 cameras ) and everything is local to the cameras ....and the data is sent via your socket outlet back to your NVR.


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