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ISO outdoor security cam w/continuous record to mem card (no wires or wifi)

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New member here, I searched the forum and couldn't find a solution, I am looking for a security/surveillance camera for my (way) back yard, out of range of wifi and power, to catch an unknown neighbor who occasionally trespasses. Requirements:
- continuous record (not motion activated)
- record to memory card (don't want/need to view real time; I will be aware within 12 hours when event has occurred and can check memory card then) 
- battery (not wired power)
- outdoor rated
- not required: audio or night/IR capability

I am aware if I compromise some of these requirements, that will open up more product possibilities. For various reasons, I don't want to/can't use motion detection, wifi extender, lay cable, etc. Is there something on the market that meets these criteria?

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Trail cam.  They even have versions that can have cellular connections.  But you're not going to record continuously on battery unless you want to be out there swapping batteries every few hours.  And you're not going to be writing to a memory card continuously, either, unless you want to be replacing memory cards regularly.


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1 hour ago, jeromephone said:

Try looking at a trail camera

This is your best option.


but if you wanted to spend a bit of money you could go with a 4G camera solar .....no power and you never need to go back to the camera as footage is sent to pc or mobile devises..... also access to sd card from anywhere.


builtin router for remote access Video sent over 4G/GPRS/WIFI/WLAN
Can move to other locations in seconds without changing settings 




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