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Dahua issues

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Years ago someone hooked me up with a Dahua 8 channel DVR and it was OK for the price.   As I became a bit more experienced I found that virtually none of the brands I came across were what I'd call "great"  in fact the common thread I sensed was that the people who designed these things were not overly familiar with the term user-friendly and their utilities were ... to be kind ... written by people who are not overly familiar with Windows.  But that said I muddled through and then another came along and then another and of course once ytou have 11 in the field it doesn't matter how bad they are ... when you need a 12th unit you go with what you know.

This week I installed a 32 channel Pentabrid DVR to replace two units (one Lorex and one SEE) and some but not all the channels are blank (loading) then the image, then pixelated , then bleed from other channels .. then blank, etc.

It's easy to just say "probably a bad unit" but this is SO bad ... SO unusual ... SO beyond imagination; I guess what I'm saying is that I can't imagine an engineer not able to imagine how this could happen ... and yet when I call Dahua it was like tossing a wet sock against the wall.  Just ... nothing.

I have an 8mb mp4 I made of the problem and Dahua says that their tech support department can't download/read or display mp4 files.


Anyone have a suggestion?

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