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add cameras or replace system?

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I have an Amcrest 960-H  system installed,  it does work to some degree and I am not familiar with how to program it, but I can learn. It is an 8 channel system with analog 4 cameras. The system came as a kit so it is probably not even near high end.

I chatted Amcrest about adding more cameras and they said they were out of stock. I asked what other cameras will work with my system and they stopped chatting. I asked if they stopped because it was Amcrest policy to not discuss any gear other than Amcrest and I was referred to tech support so I thought I should hook up with a forum. Google's algorithm selected this forum so here I am..

Seems I should be able to attach just about any BLN attachable camera and it should work. Before I buy extra cameras is there something I should be aware of?

I'd like at least two quality resolution cameras...am I better off finding more cameras or seeking an entire better system? 

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Hi   Steve if your system is 960h then that is the best resolution you are going to get .... which is the highest in standard analog. 

Your system will take any standard analog camera but if your going to add to your existing system look for 4 in 1 analog .... they do all formats which means later on you only need to change your recorder to a HD analog which will then turn your system HD

prices analog only are the same price as 4 in 1 analog HD

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