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Getting ready to install a new video surveillance system

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I am replacing an older 720p analog CCTV surveillance installation with a new 4k IP POE system, 8 cameras, 16 channels.
I will be adding 2 more cameras with strobe/alarm capabilities after the kit is installed.
All cameras will be installed on the exterior of the house or around the property, none will be inside the house.
All the remote cameras will be wired, hopefully, less than 300' from the NVR/computer.
it's possible a couple may push that limit.
I'm still laying it out.

I have purchased the kit I wanted.
It is sitting here.
I have done a test assembly and running of the system and am satisfied with its operation.
I am waiting for a roof replacement to be finished before beginning the actual installation of the new system.

My first questions are about wiring the system.

The kit came with white cat5e cables.
The old 720p analog installation used white BNC cables.
In our humid climate, the old exposed exterior cables had black algae growing all over them.
I'll be replacing all the new supplied cables with black cables for all exposed outdoor installations and custom fitting them.

As long as I'm supplying my own cables, might there be any advantage to upgrading the cables to cat6, ...or?


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if they come with CAT5 cables, you don't need more

if you may install another network device at or near the camera in the future, installing CAT6 may save you work in the future

but if you continue on that line of thinking, you should pull fiber optic

I would pull the CAT5 on hand, and multi mode fiber

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OK, I'll stick with cat5e cabling for the cameras.

Hopefully, this will be a permanent installation with no additions in the future, unless I'm tempted by major improvements.


Future upgrades will be complicated by the cabling to the remote cameras being buried.

Some direct burial cabling are "gel filled" some are not.

Any advantages to the gel filled over the non filled?

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In this Smart surveillance security solutions, you would go with Cat 5 cable as there is no difference between Cat 5 and Cat 6 cable.

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