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Outdoor Camera Installation with PPC or PDA

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I'm sure this is a "fun" topic for everyone. Up on a ladder or lift, trying to adjust outdoor cameras with the monitor 2 rooms over and 2 flights down and talking over your cell phone or walkie-talkie as you make your adjustments.


My question is has anyone tried hooking up a WIFI transmitter to a camera and using a WIFI equipped pocket PC as a video monitor to make the adjustments.


Thought I'd throw it out to this forum and see if anyone tried it before I buy a wireless transmitter and found out I'm wasting my time.


Thanks, in advance

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why not use a small battery powered monitor to focus while up on the ladder. supercircuits sells a small handheld unit for $100.


or if you wanna get fancy you can get a meter that will measure when the camera is focused, as the signal voltage will be highest when focused.

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Thanks for the responses.


Since I already have a WIFI equipped pocket PC and WIFI camera transmitters are available for under $100, I thought this would be a little more economical.


As for the focusing reply, obviously a course focus is done ahead of time but final focus, pan and tilt have to be made when the camera is in its final mounted position to ensure the customer is seeing the desired coverage area.

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